The Eastern Bloc Affair: A Fashion Uprising


A few years ago, our minds would never have associated fashion with the countries of the ex-USSR. Let’s face it,  ex-USSR members are generally misconceived by the west and are often wrongfully associated… Continue reading

5 celebrity inspired hairstyles for 2017


So new year, new me. A change of colour or a new hair cut could inspire you to stick to your resolutions. It also helps to start the new year as a different… Continue reading

5 Ways To Have A Healthier Lifestyle In 2017


Every year we make goals to get that ‘healthy lifestyle’. We try to change a lifetime of bad habits on the first of January and let’s face it, this new behaviour normally has an… Continue reading

4 Accessories You Need To Bundle Up Warm This Winter


When temperatures plummet we naturally expect to see a change of clothing on the streets. However, exposed skin between pants and sneakers, thin see-through tights, and light leather jackets are everywhere this winter… Continue reading

7 Head Turners of 74th Golden Globes


The much anticipated 2017 has embarked on a very fashionable and stylish note starting with the 74th edition of Golden Globe Awards. We’re all excited at every award show to witness the winners accepting their… Continue reading

3 Styles from London Men’s Fashion Week and How to Get Those Looks on a Budget


London Fashion Week Men’s 2017 Fall/Winter collections brought a plethora of styles from various designers. Some designs were sleek and modern, others gave off bohemian and retro vibes and some looks were composed of… Continue reading

“New Year, New You,” New Juice Cleanse!


As we put down our wine glasses and pick up reading glasses to re join the working world in the new year, we all think of our new year’s resolutions whilst thinking back… Continue reading

The Consistent Rise of Mexican Fashion


Until a few years ago, the people of the world knew that there were only 4 fashion capitals in the world – New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Slowly, designers in various countries… Continue reading

New Fashion Capitals: Are You Familiar With Them?


I have always been interested in new and evolving things when it comes to fashion. I believe we need to look beyond the status quo and find new creations and inspirations to watch… Continue reading

The Gender Shift in Fashion


Boys play with cars and wear blue, girls play with dolls and wear pink. Those stereotypes are no longer universally valid, as our society gradually makes more of an effort to overcome strict… Continue reading

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