Anri Sala at Pompidou

With any trip to the Centre Pompidu, one is always in store for something new, creative or even strange. Full of magnificent permanent collections and a constant array of temporary exhibitions,  the center is currently hosting the exhibition of Anri Sala’s film experiment located in  the “gallerie sud.”

From now until the 6th of August guests can be exposed to the Albanian born artists’ meshing of audio, visual and architectural elements in his interpretation and exploration of sound. The big room is set up with 5 movie screens in a pattern scattering them throughout the hall. The one hour looped film bounces from screen to screen. Each film works together to create a single work of art. The films take place in locations scattering the globe: Sarajevo during the siege of 1992-1995, a geodesic globe in Berlin, a deserted banquet  hall in Bordeaux and the Aztec site Tlatelolco in Mexico.
The gallerie sud is located on the street level and although the angle of the screens blocks out some light, the window allows viewers to concentrate on the screens, but also the Parisian passer-by’s. The perimeter of the space is lined with snare drums that every-so-often seem to ‘play’ along with the music in the films. The Clash’s song “Should I stay or should I go“, a Tchaikovsky symphony and melodic drum beats round out the soundtrack throughout the loop.
Although confusing at times, the overall feel and aesthetic of the film was not only pleasing to the senses but challenged the mind to tie together the connection between sight, sound and psyche.
Written by Chris, Vienna and Isha

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