Black Stylings – Nicolas Andréas Taralis

Last Wednesday, one half of our editorial team (Liza) was lucky enough to attend the Nicolas Andéas Taralis fashion show for winter 2013 at the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild. Upon returning to the drudgery of school in the afternoon, she announced that it was one of the best shows she had seen. So enamored was she with the collection, I decided to look at it myself. The best collection this season…I don’t know about that!

“Picture this” Liza started to explain “The lights dimming, melancholic piano music playing and out walks the first model. Her face is sombre. Her hair is in a braid straight down the middle of her head. She wears a straight-line well-tailored black coat with leather paneling on the bottom and a textural fabric on top. A high neck black knit and of course black fur boots – It looked very powerful.” Intrigued? So was I, so I looked up this “Goth warrior” for myself.


Now Taralis is known for his dark and sombre tones, which are used throughout his collection so I was not surprised by this look. The coat was well made and the different use of fabrics gave a nice textural element to an otherwise simple design. It was nice, but not impressive so I viewed more looks.

Most of the collection consisted of multi-layered androgynous designs and incorporated many different fabrics to create interest. These fabrics included different leathers, wools and sheer silks. Using one tone throughout the collection such as black is a difficult task. However, Taralis managed to complete this successfully.


We did see a pop of colour in a bronze leather coat, a bright blue jacket and a two-toned bright blue / dark blue coat. The bronze coat caught my attention due to its interesting zip detailing and unique dart placements. Liza was not such a fan. Unfortunately, the two blue coats were just repeated designs of previous coats we had seen. This was a common occurrence throughout the collection. The repetition was quite dull. The amount of interest created had been diluted.



One thing that did amaze us both were the spiked metal necklaces and headpieces worn by the models. These were created by Nora Renaud.


Without the unexpected excitement of the silhouette created by the addition of these spiked metal accessories, the collection would have remained monotonous. It truly was the styling, which created depth and intrigue. The best collection this season? I am not convinced.

Written by Liza Chloe Van Duyn & Alex Sowden

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