G-Star Seizes Lafayette


Taking place in Galeries Lafayette, the new pop – up store by G-star opens from the 25th of February to the 9th of March. The space of 45 square meters is dedicated to the RAW Tailored Atelier, where the customization of the classic model 3301 is possible.


With an imposing billboard right above the front entrance of the building, G-Star is making sure all the pedestrians get informed of this new experience.


Aiming at personalization and uniqueness, this Dutch brand with a history of 25 years, had an impressive display of their “raw tailoring” process, showcasing buttons, trims and its singular red listing fabric.


In the Atelier, a professional of G-Star will help the customer with the measurements obtaining as a result the best fit and length of the jeans.


Each individual customer is now able to pick and choose their favorite details (buttons, labels etc.) and purchase their perfect, one of a kind, customized pair of jeans.


This Pop up store shows that G-Star is looking to the future of fashion when the consumers will be the ones designing their own products and every piece of fashion will be unique and personalized.

Written by Victoria and Irem

Photographs courtesy of G-Star Raw

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