Vintage shops can be confusing mazes with main characteristics of disorder and musty smell. So seeking for that “treasure” in between the dust and the bad quality of goods can be overwhelming. These peculiar stores make you want to escape the mess and run out for fresh air. But now, the” SALON DU VINTAGE” helps you solve these problems, having clean, neat and good quality vintage goods displayed. Let me show you this fantastic and gigantic vintage wardrobe that was displayed at 48 Rue Vielle du Temple, for 3 days.


All kinds of furniture is shown in here. So many unique shapes, luxurious materials and exquisite decorations. Year add  a special charm to the furniture, providing it with a higher market and fashion value.


Sunglasses are an indispensable part to add a vintage touch to your look. Here a lot of luxury brands are displayed, such as FENDI, YSL, CHANEL, DIOR. After the careful maintenance by the owner, the pieces still look like new. They are fashionable, trendy and you can easily find a unique pair, such as a pilot style, a geometric style, cat style…


For the Oriental Style lovers, there are many kimonos with different lengths, prints, colors, styles and functions. The shop manager is very careful and makes sure there are no musty traces on the delicate silk materials.


The owner of this corner is a very lovely girl. Her own way of dressing represents the shop style: navy, sweet, dynamic. The place is full of romantic and lovely elements like stripes, lace and candy printing.


This corner brings back the elegant era. You can easily find a lot of luxurious garments and accessories. They are delicate, simple and well-tailored. No matter how times change, the classic style remains.


The excellent vintage goods at this salon were very tempting. We had to control our wallet, otherwise our budget would have exploded very quickly.

By Vivi and Mana

48 rue vielle du temple,75004 Paris

22 MARS – 24 MARS

3 euro

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