IMG_4181On a surface of 600 m2, Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie is presenting the exhibition of FUTURO TEXTILES. During 5 months you are able to visit this space where the latest textile innovations can be discovered.

There’s a common thinking that textiles are only used in clothing and furniture. But those misbeliefs can be wiped out as you walk through the six different areas of this exhibition: educational space, health & wellness, interior design, fashion (clothing and communication), protection & sport, and GeoTex (architecture and civil engineering).


Under the development of “luminous” textiles, we have the opportunity to see many garments created with optic fibers. The Luminous Dress, the Dognin Polochon bag (with an illuminated interior) are some examples. On the contiguous wall, the projection of Bjork’s Possibly Maybe video (2007),  gives an introduction to the recent creations of photoluminescent textiles covering the room behind it.



The walking tour is just starting and we get our minds blown away by the Lightest dress in the world. A prototype created by Ying Gao who was inspired by the urban and social transformation, using the lightest organza ever created.


Garments made from filter fabric (activated carbon microbeads) can protect an individual from nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical hazards, giving at the same time comfort while it evacuates the sweat produced.

IMG_4229 2

Creations vary from pleated lamps in polyamide fabric to PET fabric chairs (recycled water bottles turned into a textile). The innovation is endless in the sustainability universe.


From fabrics that collect drinking water by condensation to a “wine dress”, these are some of the featured textiles that you can discover in the exhibition:

Strawberry lace, spider silk, fashionable bacteria introducing fermented textiles, metallic illusions, composite materials (Aramid and Kevlar), thermolactyl evolution (thermal insulation, antibacterial treatments, Psyche (intelligent T-shirt which records the heart rate, breathing and movements), Biolig (textile implant used for osteoarthritis), Milk Fiber, and all the already known  textiles made from bamboo and cotton.

Wine Dress
Straberry Lace
MIlk  fiber Sweater
Madagascar Spider Silk
Invisible Helmet

FUTURO TEXTILES exhibition is a MUST for all of us involved in the fashion and creative world. We highly recommend it.

Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie
30 Avenue Corentin-Cariou
75019 Paris.
February 2 to July 14 2013.

Written by Victoria and Irem

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