“&other stories” of H&M opens in Paris


In the recent months, H&M has been talking about another fashion story. The name of this story is & Other Stories, which is a new brand for H&M group. The price of & Other Stories is higher than H&M and lower than COS and allows customers to buy high-quality products at reasonable prices. & Other Stories finally opened its first boutique in Paris on April 5. 

The  & Other Stories store is located at 277 rue Saint Honoré in Paris. The overall style of the shop is simple: there are garments hanging on  white hangers and on each of them there are displays of photos of models wearing & Other Stories outfits.


In fact, the overall atmosphere of the store is more like a designer’s studio. There  are wooden boards everywhere, with photos taped onto the wall. The table lamps placed on the walls and cactus potted plants breathe life into the store. When you walk through the shop you discover various surprises. The large glass walls, allow you a perfect view of the lush green courtyard, an area that makes you feel close to the nature.




The accessories of  & Other Stories will not disappoint. You will be willing to pay the above average prices for them because of the magnificent combination of unique fabric use and well executed designs. Just so you know, the footwear area only displays samples, you will need a shop assistant to help you to find your size.



DSC04068 DSC04155

The packaging of cosmetics and skin care products is different from H&M. Here it is very simple and appears more professional. & Other Stories provides trial products of their cosmetics and shopping guides for customers.





& Other stories is a youthful, colorful story which is full of surprises that is completely different from H&M and COS. Come and discover the first chapter of this story, you will definitely want to read more.

277 Rue Saint Honoré 75008 Paris France

Written by Vivi and Mana

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