XXth Edition of the Young Creator’s Competition

The fashion show of XXth Edition of the Young Creator’s Competition was held at the Lille Grand Palais on April 4, 2013. The applicants had to define what “idylls” meant to them, this was invariably the theme of the competition. Béatrice Ferrant  who is currently the Artistic Director of Lanvin and the  founder of the ready-to-wear brand Lefranc Ferrant, was one of the judges. This certainly made the competition more interesting.

Seli, one of our writers showed her three looks which included Haute Couture, Ready to Wear for men and women. These had the honour of beginning the show. “Idylls” for Seli was interpreted into the two faces of love and jealousy by using knots and degraded yellow silk amongst other intelligent design elements.  Her garments were quite creative, but unfortunately she was not one of the winners that night.Image

The winner of student creator is Maria Boyarovskaya. She got the inspiration for her designs from the ambivalence of nature and transformed idyll into sensual and dramatic silhouettes with original fabric use. However, we have also noticed a strong influence of Alexander McQueen.


Belgian Hugo Velazquez is the winner among independent creators. He regards idyll as an expression of soul, and uses black and white to depict physical silence and the romance of a secret. The highlight of his deconstructive collection is that the women’s jacket can be taken off and transformed into a shoulder bag.


The competition being finished, we are looking forward to the surprises from the new creators next year.

Written by Josie, Dora & Seli

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