Dynamo at Grand Palais, Paris

Dan Flavin

Last weekend I paid a visit to the exposition Dynamo, ‘A Century of Light and Movement in Art’ at Grand Palais situated in Paris. With two floors of contemporary kinetic art that consists of 220 pieces of around 150 established artists, this exhibition blew my mind.

Artists like Anish Kapoor, Julio le Parc, Carlos Cruz-Diez and Jesus Rafael Soto showcase their most characteristic work, which allows viewer to discover and to participate in their world. With the use of different disciplines and skills, most pieces are a visual expression, in which your vision and physical being is challenged.

Philippe Decrauzat

Walking through the enlightened space by Carlos Cruz-Diez varying from yellow to purple, red to green your sight demands you to quickly shift in feelings and assumptions, while still staying in the same space. Where red feels warm and comfortable, Mr Cruz-Diez also forces you to freeze in the pale green corner.

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Like Mr. Cruz-Diez, most artists use light and movement in their abstract pieces and/or objects to become dynamic. This combination of energies with kinetic characteristics creates optical illusions and forces you to join the experience. Mind-tricks or not, this massive exhibition is a must-visit for those passionate about contemporary art, or those who just want to be blown away.

Dynamo, A Century of Light and Movement in Art

10 april to 22 july 2013

Grand Palais

21 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 75008 Paris

Written by Alex & Liza

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