Schiaparelli Revisited

BLOG Elsa-Christian pic

With Elsa Schiaparelli fresh on our minds due to the exhibition dedicated to her last year at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she continues to live on through her unforgettable influence in fashion. This brilliant designer, who flourished in the fashion and the art world, working with iconic personalities such as Salvador Dali, Alberto Giacometti or Jean Cocteau, is remembered for her challenging and shockingly revolutionary aesthetic.

For all you fashion-lovers out there, the rumour of names being whispered for the Schiaparelli label revival is no news. However, Diego Della Valle (the current owner of the Schiaparelli fashion house) has recently confirmed Christian Lacroix as the designer for the very much anticipated capsule collection, which will be presented this July. This collection, an homage to this talented lady, will include 15 unique couture pieces focusing on her paradoxes and juxtaposition: demure/bold, sophisticated/humorous, right-side-up/up-side-down (as we all remember her “shoe hat”).

Elsa Schiaparelli’s “shoe hat”

Lacroix, one of the most creative designers of this generation, seems appropriate for these very big shoes to fill. However, he clearly states this is not a return to the business, but a one-collection revisiting of a respected artist’s work. It was not an easy decision to make and Lacroix states “in this persona incarnating a true aristocrat, one finds a spirit where mathematics and literature as well as poetry coexist: Elsa is a sacred sphinx who never ceases to interrogate us while offering us new enigmas as answers.”

Since Schiaparelli died in 1971, she has faded from fashion news, but not from fashion history and certainly not from the hearts of her admirers. As people who were not a part of a generation that knew her brilliance, we are looking forward to the style and innovation once researched in libraries finally walking the podium.

Written by Irem & Victoria

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