Milan is warmer than Paris and higher temperature welcomes more colors. Maybe the clothes of this advanced season can give inspiration to those of us living in Paris, where we are still waiting for the sun.


This chiffon dress and lace stockings mixed with a punk leather jacket shows off her good balance of softness and toughness. Her stylish red hair highlights her total look.


This woman with three different ethnic patterns on her jacket gives a fresh breath of spring. The blue jeans and the black accessories both on her shoes and small handbag bring out the recreational feeling.


This look gives a good idea of traditional office ladies. Basic garments in good-quality fabric create a low-key luxury look. If you are confident enough, you can also try to mix it with different colors like what she did, but the main point is not to use more than three colors in one outfit.


His look is very trendy, but when you look carefully, you can tell that almost everything he wears is basic. The key to his success is to match the  accessories, such as a hat and a scarf with the clothes.


The total look in jeans is also a good choice for men to show masculinity. But please remember to use details to spice up your individual style, for example, a cool printed T-shirt, colorful shoes or nice belt will do the trick.

Hope you’ve gained some ideas to recombine your stylish wardrobe.

Written by Josie, Seli and Dora

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