Confusing Curiosities of Ze Kitchen Galerie


After reading numerous over-enthused positive reviews on food blogs about hyped-up restaurant Ze Kitchen Galerie, I felt I had no other choice but to make a reservation asap! “Pour quatre, huit heure s’il vous plait”. Finally, the time had come to taste some of this online spectacle…


Saturday, ten past eight (yes my hair didn’t quite work with me here), I entered the digitally beloved Ze Kitchen Galerie restaurant on Rue des Grands Augustins. Since the web described it as very modern and conceptual, I wasn’t prepared for the outdated interior and elderly crowd that warmly welcomed me. This made me automatically assume the modern and conceptual comment must have been made in reference to the food, not the space.


Not wanting to be too disappointed straight away, I gave the restaurant the benefit of the doubt and quickly studied the menu. The super complicated and diverse ingredients listed on La Carte, made my stomach growl with curiosity and anxiety. “Le bar de ligne marine-agrume comme entrée, et après le linguine-Seiche grillée avec jus d’une bouillabaisse Thaï, s’il vous plait”. Shortly after, two exquisitely decorated dishes were presented right in front of me, both true colourful feasts. However, the joyful sight was replaced by a confusing and unpleasant palate. The fusion of ingredients, styles and textures left the recipe with no air for appreciation.

Ze Kitchen Galerie, thank you for showing me so many conflicting tastes on the tip of my tongue. It was an overwhelming confusing combustion of flavours that I would have rather not consumed.

Written by Liza & Alex

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