Riccardo Tisci designs ballet costumes

After the collaboration with Rihanna for her concert costumes, Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci has branched out into the art world now. He has been asked to design costumes for the ballet “Boléro” performed by France’s largest theater group Opéra de Paris. The performance artist Marina Abramović has been invited to participate in the design process with him. This is Tisci’s first solo project to complete with National Theatre Palais Garnier in Paris studio.



In this creation, Riccardo Tisci does not change his gorgeous and mysterious style. You can faintly find some elements from Givenchy Fall 2010 couture collections. Different from traditional ballet costumes, Riccardo Tisci uses meticulous embroidery depicted on the transparent tights in human skeleton pattern, which interprets the most primitive beauty. The costume follows the dancer’s movement as well as stillness and depicts a beautiful arc and melody.


Riccardo Tisci‘s magic will definitely make the “Boléro” become a wonderful visual enjoyment!

Written by Vivi and Mana

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