Street shots in Paris

This year, spring has come very late to Paris.  On a warm weekend, fashionable people enthusiastically strut down the street,  took off the dreary color clothes, and began to show their spring new looks. Here are the street shots we took  in the park of Tuileries and the Marais. Let’s see what the fashion people wear in their everyday life!


The lady’s choice of black and white is obviously very elegant, especially her boots from Chanel matching well with the overall look.


This girl is a model. She wears a nude color scarf, a denim jacket and Martin boots, showing a cool and casual style.


Also denim jacket, this Korean girl chose a floral top and  leggings to match which evokes a real spring  breeze.

IMG_5434Hotel de Ville is the place trendy people like to go where the vintage shops and delicious snacks are great temptation. These two guys wear the vintage clothes, each with a different kind of style. 


The American girl is wearing a simple suit and hat. The black and white mix looks very clean.


Denim again!  What a cool girl, this neutral style mix is highlighting her personality .



The lady focuses on the detail, such as these vintage accessories.


This girl’s whole outfit is really nice. We can see many details, the hair, the glasses, the American vintage coat, the bag, and the shoes.


Just the single items have nothing very special, but the overall looks are very retro.




The red accessories brighten the looks of these three girls.

Photo by Cherry &Veronica

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