Exhibition “1931, face-dos-profil”



Those who  love fashion history should not miss the exhibition “1931, face-dos-profil” at the Galerie of Crédit Municipal in Paris. It presents a series of photographs, some valuable dresses and accessories that show the golden age of Parisian couture virtuosity.



The crisis which lead to rising unemployment in France increased from 2% to 15% during 1931. However, this did not influence the development of arts, as the Abstraction-Création group was founded in Paris in 1931 and Salvador Dali painted The Persistence of Memory in the same year.


The Persistence of Memory, Dali, 1931

Another important thing in the 1930s is the birth of many fashion styles.

Those deceptively simple lines which hide complex designs, romantic fashion, white ermine, sheath dresses all demonstrate the preferences of stylish women of the era. Moreover, pajamas become elements of an active and fashionable wardrobe at that time.




Design sketch of Beach Pajamas by the Callot Soeurs, May 1931


Day dress by Madeleine Vionnet, 3 February 1931


Evening Dress by Schiaparelli, March 1931


Beach Pajamas by Jean Patou, 1931


“1931, face-dos-profil”
Temporary exhibition at Crédit Municipal de Paris
From 28 March to 6 July 2013


Open from Monday to Saturday , 9h to 17h

Galerie du Crédit Municipal de Paris
55 rue des Francs-Bourgeois, Paris 4e

Métro : Hôtel de Ville, Rambuteau, Pont-Marie, Saint-Paul

Written by Cherry and Veronica

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