An amazing street, Rue Keller, Paris


If you’re tired of the bustling and mainstream fashion on the Champs Élysées, rue Keller would be a good change for you. Unlike mainstream fashion, the shops on the rue Keller sell the goods, which will attract the younger aged groups who like to be different. Here you can find a lot of different styles, such as hip-hop, punk and (vision) rock, gothic, Japanese style (mori girl to Harajuku style, cosplay).

Hip-hop style

This street sells a variety of skateboarding shoes, canvas shoes, baseball caps, accessories, etc. Definitely, here is the best place for any street culture worshipper to refresh their wardrobe.


Punk and (vision) rock

Rue Keller is also a gathering place for punk and (vision) rock enthusiasts. All kinds of rivets, skull elements are widely used. Furthermore, so many single items make you absolutely stand out in the crowd, such as hand-bone gloves, earrings, and bracelets. Meanwhile, here they also sell various kinds of rivets and iron, you can DIY following your preferences.

In Europe, there are a lot of young people who like Japanese culture and fashion. Here you cand find a lot of examples of these.





Harajuku style

Harajuku fashion features lots of different styles – from colorful decora and fairy kei to darker gothic and Lolita looks and subcultural styles. But the most popular items are the colourful hair dyes, tattooed socks, platform shoes, colorful patterns and so on.




The Boddywood shop sells fairy kei style products. When you enter the shop you will feel like you have just entered the set of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. The soft carpet of grass, cute little accessories, fairy printing, the colors, the shy smile of the boss, carefully packaged goods for customers, every detail makes you not want to leave.



Such a colorful world of fashion, why won’t you go in person to experience it yourself?

Written by Vivi Mana

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