The three best Parisian Interior Design Shops

Oh Paris, how you continuously delight us with your cool, unusual sometimes-quirky creative spaces. This certainly can be said of what we have deemed the city’s three “best” interior design shops. If you are an aficionado of anything creative and want to give your home some Parisian edginess then keep reading….




This store is huge! It is four floors of pure design. They have everything here you would possibly need to make your space unique. From gadgets for big and small (that is code for adult and kid – the line can be blurred you know), books and accessories, kitchen accessories, bathroom bits ‘n’ bobs to amazing decorations for your living room.  This store proves that even the smallest item such as a bath sponge should come from a well-thought design. It has a great selection of design books, as well as cook books for those who want to appear they know how to cook..! Basically, this store has it all. No matter what your design taste is, you will find it here. We personally love the cool post-it notes. The store is owned by Le Bon Marche and is closed on Sunday’s.

Conran Shop

117 Rue de Bac,





If you’re into retro styling then Fiesta Gallery is the place for you. This shop is a cabinet of oddities. It is pure vintage heaven. Although quite chaotic in it’s layout (there are NO free spaces, ANYWHERE!) there really are a lot of hidden treasures to find. For instance, we found some pretty cool, old school Mickey Mouse lights – a perfect way to goof-up your house. One thing we can say about this store is that it is very French. It is just like visiting a French vintage market, but someone has already done the job of sorting for you so only the good stuff is left. Winning! This store is open on Sundays.

Fiesta Gallery

24 Rue du Pont Louis Phillipe,




If your design aesthetic is a little more on the snobbish ah (cough cough) I mean branded side, then Fluex is the shop for you. Now this is a really unique store that encompasses everything design for your home. All the bourgeoisie cool-kats come here. This shop stocks brands such as Margiela Maison, Hay and Petite Friture to name a few. Here you can find a huge variety of products for every part of your ultra-cool home (well, it’s probably not ultra-cool yet, since you are yet to shop here). Surprisingly the pricing here isn’t too bad. Of course there are expensive items but you can pick up something on the cheapish side as well. You can even get a designer Hookah here. This store is also open on Sundays. Beware; it is almost ALWAYS crowded due to its undeniably hip products.


39 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie,


Written by Liza & Alex

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