Paris’ Best Places 2013


Ten months have passed and our Parisian adventure is sadly coming to an end. Luckily we can say with confidence that we have taken full advantage of all our 42 weekends spent in magnificent Paris. How? Well, check out the link below of all our favorite spots, all 75 of them! Yes, exactly, sev-en-ty-five (!) things you must do when in Paris!

These places are the foundation of our precious memories and they deserve to be put in the spotlight. With numerous different services (eating, shopping, observing) we will hopefully give you an awesome perspective on the Parisian lives of our generation. We have mixed the cool, the spectacular and the mind-blowing with the fundamental history of this metropolitan city.

We introduce you to the street-wear boutique Pigalle, where all the Parisian cool kids shop nowadays. Offering the latest fashion for men and women, Pigalle is the go-to shop for youngsters. It offers the ultimate trick for complete French integration: wearing a Pigalle hoodie.

An experimental cocktail at the taco shop Candelaria situated in Le Marais, immediately managed to surprise us while just simply entering what we thought was an ordinary snack bar. It was a direct indication of Paris’ hidden gems and pushed us in the pursuit of finding more hidden treasures.

That’s where Argentinean restaurant Anahi comes in, a personal tip from our very upbeat styling teacher. Disguised in a somewhat sloppy façade, Anahi showed us why Paris is seen as the culinary centre of the world. Typical South-American dishes like guacamole and T-bone steak filled the menu, all worth an order.

These are just a few of our priceless discoveries around town but there is so much more on offer. Wait no longer, check out our guide here.

Written by Liza & Alex

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