Gucci loses its GG trademark in the UK on the grounds of non-use. On November 5th, after more than one year of trials, the Italian brand, famous for its interlocking double ´G´, is no longer permitted to use their logo in three classes. One of them being class 18 which includes, not only emblematic handbags, purses, and leather items, but also umbrellas and clothing for animals.

Fashion brand Gerry Weber raised the issue of Gucci´s lack of use between 2003 and 2012. The British Intellectual Property Office (IPO) also justified with their law that states: “trademarks can be revoked if they are not used within five years of their registration”.

Under positive news, the Italian brand still posseses their ownership under class 3, which includes soaps and fragrances.

It remains a blur as to how Gucci will resolve this problem. The company has not issued any statement yet.

By Sima Maalouf, Tania Sanyal and Victoria Romero

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