Guerlain’s Spectacular Renewal of Their Flagship Store

Guerlain has re-invented its flagship store at the brand’s historic address at 68 Avenue des Champs-Elysees. The alluring space has doubled in size creating an impressive 10,764 square foot cosmetic, perfume and accessories haven.

A Welcoming Area
A Welcoming Area

American architect Peter Marino, who is well known for his luxury retail creations, designed the new space. ‘’I put something modern in the old and something old in the new,’’ explains Marino. The architect has managed to impressively balance the stores traditional elements whilst adding contemporary luxury features and designs. Maintaining the stores listed marble floors and counters but enhancing them with a gleaming metal ceiling and glittering chandeliers by Bacaarat creates an opulent and decadent environment on first arrival.

Adjoining to the traditional space is a modern white corridor, created for selling their cosmetics and perfumes, which appears to extend for miles. Polished sales assistant line the walls ready to help at any moment but without putting any pressure on the customer.

We were struck by the intricate detail that has gone into the decorative designs on the ground floor’s walls. Each cosmetic counter has a powerful engagement with the art pieces that hang above. One piece that struck us was a mix of colourful encrusted jewels that blend together to highlight the irresistible features of the eye. We believe that this is an innovative and unique way to showcase how the consumer can use the Guerlain products.

As we walked along the corridor we were attracted to the elegant staircase that leads down to the new Michelin star restaurant Le 68. Walking down the graceful marble stairs, we had sensations of elegance and exclusivity and felt as though we were part of an elite society although perhaps a little underdressed!

Interestingly the menu available at Le 68 combines ingredients that can be found in some of Guerlain’s fragrances. It was such a surprise to discover the vast range of Guerlain tea for sale. Each type of tea corresponds to a brand of Geurlain perfume. Our particular favourite was ‘La Petite Robe Noire’.

Up to the second floor and we found the spectacular ‘’Hall of mirrors’’ that reflects the Guerlain collections since its establishment in 1828. This space has a very homely and welcoming ambiance. It contains several salons for beauty consultations and even a small section dedicated to silk scarves and specially designed scented gloves.

Guerlain has rebranded its flagship store into a new level of sensation and desire. An impressive quality communicated towards us was that it has kept its historical elements but at the same time updated them in a modern and contemporary way to provide its consumer with a 21st century luxury fashion experience.

By Joanna Reid and Hsin-i Chi

The Product Presentation
The Product Presentation
Iconic Perfume Range from Guerlain
Iconic Perfume Range from Guerlain

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