A Very Rich and Sunctuous Christmas has Arrived to Window Displays in Paris

Galeries Lafayette Window Display
Galeries Lafayette Window Display

From the boundless creative window displays of Galeries Lafayette to the fashionable Printemps ones designed by Prada, there is no doubt it’s Christmas season.

Printemps by Prada
Printemps by Prada

Since the beginning of november, all the “grands magasins” dressed their windows in beautiful lighting  and decorative elements proper of the season. The stunning christmas window displays drew a big crowd, and it´s hardly surprising given the level of detail and creativity that goes into it. This year ¨the Beauty and The Beast¨  was chosen as main theme for Galeries Lafayette, showing fabulous decoration with old style classical clocks, dinning tables covered up in crystal and sparkling glasses, giving a full show every 5 seconds. Each window separated in well-organized section, divided to each scenes.

Printemps by Prada
Printemps by Prada

Meanwhile, Printemps showcased dancing bears holding Prada’s logo. Ultimately, the highlight was the moveable Santa Clauses in suits, indeed very chic and classy like the Parisian Style.

Fascinating Window Display at Grand Boulevards
Fascinating Window Display at Grand Boulevards

This Christmas window displays are the main attraction on the Grand Boulevards, gathering  tourists as well as Parisians outside the well known department stores. The animated elements that move around inside the windows, strucked people with the charming of its dreamy and imaginative decorations. Year after year, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, are creating a magical spectacle not only for children but also for us, the grown-ups to keep the christmas spirit alive.


By Napatthiya Hongchinnakorn and Rudy Tun Sánchez

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