Karl Lagerfeld Revived Rodeo Mood on Runways

Chanel surprised the fashion world when they invited 900 guests to eat barbecue and corn dogs in the Art Deco Exhibition venue at Texas State Fair in Dallas.

After the glamorous and historically themed, Edinburgh and Versailles shows, Karl chose this untypical location for his Pre-Fall 2014 collection. There were nearly 1000 people who received the most desired ticket in town for this fashion spectacle. Since 2002, Chanel selected big influential cities like, Tokyo, Shanghai, and London. For this year’s Chanel Metiers d’Art travelling fashion show, the inspiration was Coco Chanel’s Texas visit in 1957.

Anna Wintour with Karl Lagerfeld watching the show inside a vintage car
Anna Wintour with Karl Lagerfeld watching the show inside a vintage car

The show was packed with VIP’s and celebrities including Anna Wintour, Nina Garcia and Stefano Tonchi who watched the whole show while siting in vintage cars. Among them, there was also Kristen Stewart, the newest face of Chanel, Alexa Chung, Dakota Fanning, Lauren Hutton, and many others. This is not surprising due to fact that Chanel is one of the most iconic fashion labels that collaborates with lots of celebrities. Although, it was a totally different presentation and atmosphere for Chanel’s fashion show, they were all eager to attend and to participate.

This Chanel Dallas’ movie theme show had three parts, drive-in style premiere, a walking in an artificial barn, and finished with gambling in A Billy Bob’s styled saloon. As the beginning, Karl portrays Coco Chanel’s big comeback in the fifties, which is featured in his latest short film The Return. Following the film, Chanel transmitted the guests to Centennial Hall in a “Texas-Romanesque” ambient with gigantic chandelier complimented with waving French and Texas flags. At the end, the guests were invited to interact and play poker while eating tacos and listening to local DJ Horseshoes & Hand Grenades along with Dolly Python’s Gretchen Bell.

After this international Texas fair, let’s wait and see the next surprising Lagerfeld move.

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By Kristina Gligorovska & Christine Evans

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