Celebrate the season in style with Christmas Fashion Tale Videos

It’s time for the celebration of Christmas holiday once again. Many famous brands have released their holiday collections and campaigns. Here is our personal selection.

1. Cartier started Christmas spirit with magical characters in their latest Winter Tale video, which is set in the 1920s Paris. The story is about the Christmas journey of an enchanted panther cub and Cartier page. The two have magical powers, similar to Santa Claus, which allow them to enter all the Parisian homes to drop off Cartier gifts. The 1 minute and a half video, directed by Bibo Bergeron, has an exquisite animation with a great character design and a stunning story plot.

2. In a more realistic but still romantic and Christmas like environment we have Burberry, that decided to wish us a “Merry Burberry Christmas”! Featuring a whole family wearing from head to toe the emblematic pieces of the English brand, such as the famous trench coat and the tartan pattern.  In this video campaign, we can see and feel the holidays, thanks to the well produced snow effects, charming and magical athmosphere, and overall that cozy yet chic family gathering feeling.

3. Seems like luxury Christmas videos are becoming a trend in the fashion world, even the famous French department store Galeries Lafayette, launched a 12 second expectation video named Once upon a time to advertise their iconic Christmas window displays.

These videos are definitely what we needed, to get us in the mood for this wonderful time of the year.

By Napatthiya Hongchinnakorn and Rudy Tun Sánchez

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