Discovering the Baccarat Museum in Paris

Christmas atmosphere has been around in Paris in December, all the crystal decorations and products for instance wine glasses, sculptures, vases and crystal bowls gave us the idea to visit Baccarat Museum which has been a heritage French brand specialising in crystal.


The Baccarat  Museum is an all in one crystal exhibition, boutique, restaurant, and showroom. The building currently belongs to the legendary Noailles family, who rented it to Baccarat in 2003. The interior of this 3000 square meter museum was decorated in contemporary style by designer Philippe Starck.

The museum is the perfect place to learn about the unique history of French art and handcrafted crystals since 1764 by Baccarat. The mansion is divided into four rooms, one of which is for visitors to discover the technical process and fabrication of the crystals.


When we arrived at the ground floor, the breath taking view of the luxurious exhibition amazed us. The experience is more enriched because the objects were displayed without any glass protection, allowing visitors to see the objects up close. At the staircase, visitors are greeted by a beautiful glass chair, custom designed by Philippe Starck for Baccarat.


The first floor features Baccarat jewelry, furniture, and chandeliers collections made with exceptional craftsmanship and ornate designs. One famous piece in the room is the tsar Nicholas II’s candelabra and other pieces commissioned by Josephine Baker.

To top off the experience, visitors should not miss the luxurious Cristal Room, which is a restaurant offering French cuisine. We recommend any Paris visitors to pay a visit to this interesting museum. For more information, visit


11 Place des Etats-Unis, Paris 75016, France

Closest underground stations : Iéna (ligne 9) or Boissière (ligne 6)

Open from Mondays to Saturdays from 10 am to 6.30 pm

Entrance fee : 5 € per person

Reduced price : 3.50 € per person (groups and students under 25 years old)

By Kim Pham and Nadia Abdel-Malek

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