May Your 2014 Start In A Place Full Of Lights– Paris

Happy 2014 in 5, 4, 3, 2,  – but wait! Are you all set for the perfect New Year’s Eve in Paris?

Since there are a lot of last-minute driven people and foreigner students who read our blog we will update you with the most relevant information for New Year’s Eve in Paris. Off we go!


Firstly, if you want to feel a little more local ‘Saint-Sylvestre’- French way to call New Year’s Eve, ‘Bonne Année’- Happy New Year and ‘Il n’y a pas encore de place dans ce métro-là’- there is no more space in this metro-train, should be included in your vocabulary.


Secondly, Paris is always one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and during Christmas and New Year’s it is no exception since the Ville de Lumière becomes even more magical with its decorations in the streets and the holidays in the air.


If you enjoy celebrating with a huge crowd and on lively places, you should definitely not miss the popular Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, Trocadéro and Sacré Coeur. The show of lights takes place at 12:00 am on the Eiffel Tower and you will be able to see it from all these places. Furthermore you find a lot of tourists and locals in the streets of Belleville and Quartier Latin. These places will be fully packed so you need to take your time to have a good spot and be ready to be completely invaded in your personal space. You should plan to leave your place somewhere around 18:00-19:00 hrs in the afternoon and walk around a little before setting up since a lot of metro stations near these destinations stop working. Sometimes people who run late end up celebrating the countdown in the middle of the subway stations.


People in Paris love to celebrate New Year’s Eve with all their friends in a restaurant. So if you want to pick up that Parisian flare, make sure you have a  reservation in your favorite restaurant before hand, otherwise you have no chance. For a non-binding and free reservation see here.


Back to the 20s, back to the time of Gatsby. If you like to dress up with feathers, a Charleston dress and red lipstick, then join the “Gatsby-Party”. It takes place in the  “Le Shake n’ Smash Bar” in the 3rd district and it starts at 20:30h. The entrance is  free, but if you would like to eat there, the menu costs 85 euros and has to be booked in advance. Enjoy your night with jazz, electro swing and the atmosphere of the crazy 20s. For further information and the reservation, click here.

Cancan in Paris, yes, the Moulin Rouge. 5-course dinner, champagne toast, the show ‘Féerie’ and dancing ‘til dawn with a DJ. All these in the incredible and typical premises of one of Paris’ must-see and must-do places, Moulin Rouge Cabaret. From 21:00 hrs until dawn, fun fun fun is all you will experience. You can find all the information here.

Ever dreamt about a masked ball? Well, Regine’s is the place to be. This prestigious club, will host a ball in which masks will be proportioned or you can bring yours as well. Champagne will be flowing and breakfast will be served. Talk about a different start of this upcoming 2014 and who knows, maybe you’ll find something interesting behind one of those masks. Here you find detailed information.

If you are more of a party animal, then this is the guide to the soireés in clubs to dance all night long. Social Club, Le Grand Rex, Batofar and Le Badaboum will open their doors to clubbers from all over the world to celebrate French style.


Even though celebrating in Paris is quite expensive, the transportation is not at all. From the December 31st at 17:00 hrs until the January 1st at 00:00 hrs you do not need a ticket for the metro, tram, bus or RER.

Concerning time schedules, all metro lines run until 02:15 hrs, afterwards there are still lines 1, 2, 4, 6, 9 and 14 on duty. Additionally, all the lines of RER drive throughout the whole night and the noctilien (nightbus) runs from 00:30hrs until 05:30 hrs. For more detailed information about specific lines and schedules, you can see here.

Paris, the City of Love, the City of Lights. Have a lovely celebration with the show of lights and your loved ones! But take care, some people who fling their arms around your neck at 12am and shout “Bonne année!” might take advantage of the situation and emerge as pickpockets. So if you secure all your belongings properly and read this article carefully, there is no chance that you will miss the perfect New Year 2014 in Paris!

Now 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Bonne Année!

by Charleen Horn and Bárbara Menéndez

2 thoughts

  1. Hold tight to your iPhones! We’ve had 2 iPhones stolen on New Year’s Eve in Paris. The crowds are crazy and drunk and the pick pockets are out in force. Watch out for kissing men at the strike of midnight, as their hands find their way into your coat pockets while you are startled by their kiss.


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