Catch the HYPE and go with the VIBE! How to BE-(rl)-IN?

Berlin Fashion

Around the world in an hour?

Soon this will be possible in Berlin. Obviously, this is exaggerated, but it is true that the number of tourists is rising enourmously in the German capital. In 2012 over 10 million tourists visited Berlin, compared to only 3 million in 1993. This makes Berlin the 3rd most visited city in Europe. Additionally the city grows each year by 40.000 inhabitants from other parts of Germany, but mainly from countries all over the world.

This increasingly multicultural vibe does not only affect the economy and the lifestyle in Berlin, but also the fashion. Just a walk down the street and you can see trendy fashion enthusiasts sporting eye-catching hats and daring colour blocking. Due to the variety of lifestyles and backgrounds of Berlin people, the city itself encourages to experiment with fashion and new trends. You know you can rock a new trend in Berlin because you won’t be alone. It’s all about being daring and taking risks.

The city has a reputation for being creative ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, but in 2000, it also gained the title of being a world leader in fashion.

To capture this fresh and inspirational fashion environment, we traveled to Berlin during the festive New Year’s Eve to bring you fashion – straight from the streets of Berlin!

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by Charleen Horn and Bárbara Menéndez

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