Glammed Up Or Dressed Down: Free Pass To Paris Fashion Week

Men’s Fashion Week in Paris 2014. What was it like? All glamour? An impenetrable doorpolicy? An elegant dresscode? And exclusive socialities only?

Well, the world we got to see in the Henrik Vibskov show was different from what we expected and different from what we have been shown everywhere – blogs, magazines, social media networks.

It was better, more real, more varied, more eclectic. Maybe we were struck by luck (because we tried other shows, and no such luck) but the moment we stepped to the door and talked about our blog, not one minute went by and we were good to go. The people queuing besides us were not the typical people dressed in glamorous, big household names, expensive clothes, they were real people, some who tried to look nice, some who just came after work or were passing by and got to get in. The dresscode was ranging from hipsters in bright sneakers, average glamorous to basic black.

The Queue @ Paris Fashion Week 2014 Henrik Vibskov Show
The Queue
The Black Crowd
The Black Crowd

The people in charge allowed us to get in and stand wherever we could enjoy the show. It started. Nuclear workers – the Vibskov team dressed like they were treating hazardous materials – came out to complete the scenario for the runway, turning some pulleys and raising some fringe to set the mood to a dynamic strut leading the first look on the catwalk.

"Nuclear Workers"
“Nuclear Workers”

Diverse men from all around the globe walked around the runway to show us the looks. So different, so sporty, so young and alive. Boys with skirts, very loose boxy shirts and jackets.

Man Skirt
Man Skirt
Boxy Jacket
Boxy Jacket

Dropped shoulders and voluminous shapes also reflected the relaxed atmosphere. These looks have something to say and even though we would never dress our boyfriends with those clothes, they were definitely something interesting to see and gave something to talk about.

Dropped Shoulders
Dropped Shoulders
Long Sweater
Long Sweater

Exciting and revealing, this opportunity that we experienced should be something you should try. There’s nothing to lose if you don’t get admitted; you can always go and grab a coffee – or a beer. But if you do get in, you can (proudly) shout to the fashion world “Paris Fashion Week: been there, done that!”

If you’re interested in knowing more about Henrik Vibskov and his upcoming projects, online shop, website and shop blog, don’t forget to click on the links.

by Bárbara Menéndez and Charleen Horn

Paris Fashion Week 2014 Henrik Vibskov Show
“Been there, done that!”

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