The New Princess of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

Once upon a time in Paris, a Lebanese designer named Charlotte Licha, bedazzled her audience with her first ‘Point’ collection under the Haute Couture wing.

Charlotte Licha with her models
Charlotte Licha with her models

On a typical rainy Parisian day, as we entered the renowned Shangri-La Hotel, we already knew the show would be nothing short of spectacular. The lobby was filled with fashionistas, paparazzi, press, VIP, running models, bouncers, show volunteers and camera flashes. The numerous chandeliers leading up to the first floor of the fashion show sure set a sophisticated atmosphere and after finding our perfect spot, we waited impatiently for the show to start. Our patience was rewarded with a sudden drop of silence followed by a magical instrumental number that paved the way for the first dress on the runway. The model walked in a short silk organza embroidered yellow dress with poise and glamour immediately setting the mood of the show. Every piece after that was worn with elegance which matched perfectly with the music and the ambience of the great Shangri-La. Its was as if we were sitting in a majestic land of princesses.

Charlotte Licha’s first haute couture collection is dedicated to every woman who dares to be different and represents the feeling of life. For the designer, fashion is a mixture of everything that surrounds us and it’s not just about clothes. Women seemed to take over the room with confidence in embroidered jackets, carefully worked shoulders, handmade applications, long romantic dresses in noble materials (lace, gazar, ziberline, crepe silk, tulle..). The silhouettes were sculpted and sublimated, while remaining as simple to create readable and strong message. Straight cuts, games transparency on the chest, lace petals, laser cuts, abstract shapes, embellishments and refined embroidery were amongst the many notable pieces of her collection. Everything was simple, beautiful, original and graceful. Miss Licha was successful in building a majestic and an imposing collection, in a current, modern, and colourful perspective. The chart highlighted a wide range of colours: off white, yellow, sand, pale blue, paloma, celosia gray, orange and drops of black.

The best part about the show however, was the showstopper at the very end, presented right when everybody thought the show had ended. It was perfect. Everything was silent and then suddenly, this royal music filled the room and the beautiful showstopper glided in an illusion fully embroidered wedding dress in tulle with a crown and a cape. She looked like a queen straight out of the magical land of Narnia. The atmosphere turned majestic and elevated Charlotte Licha’s strengths as a bridal designer as well. Oh, we got goosebumps!! 

After a roar of applause and genuine appreciations, everybody got off their seats and decided either to photograph people who stood out in the crowd or pose for people. A fashion show is incomplete without some head turners and this show was not any different. The cocktail party, post the show, was mainly a meet and greet of socialites drinking, talking and networking. Considering this was our first fashion show in Paris, we came out of the hotel more motivated and excited than ever. It was indeed, a graceful and innovative day that gave a perception of delicacy and finesse inspired by a woman for women.

By Tania Sanyal Sima Maalouf Victoria Benitez

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