Emotional Rollercoaster through the life of Yves Saint Laurent

The official premiere of the movie Yves Saint Laurent, portraying his life and his relationship with longtime companion Pierre Bergé, took place this month in Paris. This movie is based on Yves Saint Laurent’s biography, written by Laurence Benaim, editor-in-chief of Stiletto magazine and fashion historian.

The actor-turned-director Jalil Lespert, successfully brings back the notion of the fashion world in the last five decades and emotionally drives the viewers through the whole movie from the first to the last scene. The “étonnant” performance of Pierre Niney (Yves Saint Laurent) and Guillaume Gallienne (Pierre Bergé) captivated the attention of the film critics in France and even the most skeptical viewers.

We can follow the narrative documentary of the development of Yves Saint Laurent’s career as well as his personal life and struggles. From a very shy and naïve teenager to a manic-depressive alcoholic, drug addict, and creative mind of the fashion industry in Paris, we can dive into his picturesque life story. Opening with scenes in which he is dressing up his muse model, Victoire Doutreleau (Charlotte Le Bon), we can feel how he developed from being a creative director at Christian Dior when he was young to being director and owner of his eponymous brand. Along with Yves Saint Laurent’s professional career development, we have the unique chance to sneak into his private life and enter his emotional turmoil.

The focus of this biopic movie is his ever-lasting “love/hate” relationship with his lover and business partner, Pierre Bergé, who is still alive and personally expressed the opinion that the viewer could see the real personality of Yves Saint Laurent in this movie. The movie ends with an emotional scene in which Yves Saint Laurent himself was showing his last collection in a very bad health condition and barely able to walk in the finale. Through this epic scene, the director exhibited the true nature of Yves Saint Laurent’s life, his creativity through designs, the support from Pierre Bergé and, the most important figure, his mother, with a touching scenario enriched by powerful opera music.

Within the first two days, the movie earned 494,000 Euros ($672,000) and attracted more than 78.000 viewers. Yves Saint Laurent tops the French Box Office, being number 1 by far.

Be prepared to see this movie during the special screening at the opening of the reinvented venue of the 64th Berlinale Panorama on the 7th of February, and many other upcoming film festivals.

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Kristina Gligorovska & Christine Evans

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