Fashion Comes Alive in the Fashion Capital, Right On the Streets of Paris!

Every season during Paris Fashion Week, the streets of Paris are filled with many of the greatest designers, models, celebrities, stylists, fashion bloggers, photographers, and fashionable journalists from around the world. As spring approaches, the wave of tourists from Christmas and New Year slows down. The city comes alive again with the “who’s who” in the fashion industry flooding in to light up the fashion capital.

At every entrance of big name shows a massive chaos reigns. People from all walks of life would do almost anything to get into the exclusive shows. But not everyone makes the cut. Strict security guards and crowded venues only allow for high rank clients, press, and buyers. Long queues and clicks of people standing, networking, fashionistas posing, and hungry paparazzi snapping away to capture the best photos – it is just the perfect setting for photographers. And every once in a while, if you’re lucky, you may run into an A-list celebrity or model.

Paris Haute Couture and Menswear Fashion Week took place from Wednesday 15th January to Friday 24th January 2014. To capture the excitement of Paris Fashion Week, we bring you fashion straight from the streets of Paris!

Click on the images below to view them in a slideshow.

by Kim Pham and Nadia Abdel-Malek

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