Five Questions Against Fashion Confusion – An Interview With Calvin McEnron Dionnet

Calvin McEnron Dionnet
Calvin McEnron Dionnet

An online Magazine-owner, a full-time DJ, a novel-writer, a world revolutionary-soon-to-be, and yet, he is just 24 years old. Calvin McEnron Dionnet, born as a Parisian with literary family background, started a culture and lifestyle online magazine, I AM CONFUSED in 2012. “It is about reading a magazine that will actually interest you. It is not about learning something. Some people in France would read magazines because they want to know, what they should know. I don’t care. I don’t want to get a collection of wikipedia-pages. I want to make a magazine.” That is how he defines his vision for his brainchild.

I AM CONFUSED magazine is not only focusing on fashion even though Calvin has a profound interest in it. He states: “I think the way we live with fashion, might sometimes make us overrate it, but I love the fact that fashion can define you, when you decide to define yourself.”

But how is he defining himself? What is his point of view? We asked five questions and this time he had to decide – with no confusion.

We: Paris or Shanghai?

CMD: “I have never been to Shanghai, I’d love to go there. But I know Paris better, so I’ll probably gonna say Paris.”

We: Socks in sandals or not?

CMD: “No, never. I know you are German, but no way. Sorry.”

We: Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar?

CMD: “I’m gonna say Harper’s Bazaar because they used to have colours and pictures, that were incredible.”

We: Fast-Food or Homemade?

CMD: “Home-made fast-food. I make incredible burgers, I make sushi – once again I make really good burgers. I can make my own fries, my own pizza.”

We: Day or night-worker?

CMD: “I’m more of a night-worker, but with the magazine, I’m forced to change a bit. I actually connect with most of the people, with my contacts, during night-time.”

More about I AM CONFUSED here and more about Calvin McEnron Dionnet here.

by Christine Evans and Charleen Horn

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