HOLI FESTIVAL 2014 – That’s a horse of a different COLOR

“Colors are the smiles of nature,” James Henry Leigh Hunt. “Colors speak all languages,” Joseph Addison. “Life is about using the whole box of crayons,” Unknown author. If your life is not colorful enough there’s one way to improve it: HOLI FESTIVAL 2014.

Maybe you have already seen photos of your friends covered in different colors, dancing at an open-air party and having the fun of their lives… Well, this summer it is your chance to join the most colorful music festival on earth. During the festival, a never before experienced collective feeling of euphoria and unity will just spread like a colorful cloud of dust on you. 10013691_10203625093734756_897077325_n(Image by: Chamonix Thurston-Rattue)

WHY? Why do people sprinkle each other with different kinds of colors, mostly powered skin colors, and arrange a big music festival around it? To find the answer, we have to go back in the Indian history. Between February and March, five days after the full moon, Indians came together to celebrate the victory of good gods over the bad ones. Nowadays it is recognized as one of the oldest and most colorful festivals to also celebrate the victory of spring over winter.

WHEN AND WHERE? It was celebrated this week in India (17/03/14), and will be all over Europe this summer and obviously also in Paris. So if you would like to join the festival in the summer, check our blog on Sunday. We will prepare information about where to get the tickets and we will give you lots of inspiring colorful picture impressions.

So if you are off-color at the moment, check our blog on Sunday. Color your life! 

by Charleen Horn, Tania Sanyal & Napatthiya H.

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