Happy Holi Happened Humongously

Imagine you come with a white outfit to a party and you leave with the most colorful robe, that you have ever worn? What would it be like? How does this work?

Well, we checked it out for you this weekend at the Holi Festival at Maison De L’Inde (India House), Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris. It was definitely one of the most colorful parties in Paris. Students were all out of their homes playing with colors. It was a blast. The party first started out in front of Maison De L’Inde at 10 am and then after 1 pm, it shifted to the House of the Deutsch de la Meurthe where it continued up until 6 pm.


The youth of India House, at CIUP foundation, Paris, along with The House of the United StatesHouse of Deutsch de la Meurthe and a couple of more such fun houses attended the festival. Even though the non-Indians did not know the songs, the jumpy dance numbers practically saved the day. The weather of Paris behaved itself and kept the sun shining on us throughout. It was a rather colorful day, the entire Cité Universitaire residents were forced to come out of their homes and they all followed the music or the alien looking people moving about the campus. Towards the end, it was difficult to find the people we originally came with, everybody had scattered and how could you tell? We all looked the same.

The experience was definitely memorable yet really weird. At times we would get a sudden splash of water on our back and random (friendly) people would just show up from nowhere with bright colors in their hands and literally massage our faces, but at the end of the day, it was all okay. It was a big family just dancing to tunes of the dj (who made sure we were all glued to the dance floor), photographers everywhere trying to get the perfect shots, and just a lot of running around, meeting people and exchanging colors.

Hope the fun reaches you!

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For more photos from photographers who attended the party, check out this event page for continuous updates.

Maison de L’Inde started it, but there will be more Holi Festivals in Paris. As soon as they are announced, you can find further information and the opportunity to buy the tickets here or here. And yes, do not worry, everything comes off just in one wash.

India wishes Happy Holi to everyone.

by Charleen Horn, Tania Sanyal, Napatthiya H.

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