Every Garment Has A Story – Parisian Vintage Treasures

Fast fashion is ruling our lives. It is good for the economy but it’s not good for our Earth. A good way to help our environment, be trendy and original (no one will have the same garment) is to go vintage shopping.

Vintage shops should be considered as libraries. They carry so many stories inside of them and you can just go in, buy and be part of an unknown tale.

Paris has a big variety of pretty much everything and vintage shopping is one of them.

We had been to stores in Le Marais once, but this time we explored the area around Centre Georges Pompidou, Etienne Marcel and Sentier where we discovered many vintage treasures that work for different price points.

Here are some stores where you could find quality vintage garments:

‘Kiliwatch’ is one of the biggest stores where you can find clothes from big labels as well as something without a tag. (Fun fact: They have several boutiques in other cities like Amsterdam.) They shop all over the world to get really good quality for you.

Address: 64 rue Tiquetonne 75002

Vintage Hermès Scarves
Vintage Hermès Scarves




If you stroll down you can spot ‘Episode’ that has cool things with more modest prices and the people there are really nice and waiting to help you score some cool goods.

Address: 12-16 Rue Tiquetonne 75002

Another good stop for vintage findings is ‘KILOVINTAGE’. They have a different shopping process in which you ‘choisisez-pesez-emportez’ – choose-weigh-takeaway. This means you choose what you like, take it to the guys and they weigh it for you and that shows the price, you pay and you’re good to go!

Address: 69 Rue d’Aboukir 75002

In ‘Factory’ we discovered an interesting twist in which the back of the store had a printing ‘atelier’ for t-shirts, with images and phrases you can choose from, this means no more boring t-shirts, you get to express your personality through their creative designs.

Address: 139 Rue Saint-Martin 75004

The 'Atelier'
The ‘Atelier’

‘Hippy Market’ is a store that reminds us of being green and recycling our clothes. Their slogan is “Be Happy, Be Green” and we support both notions! Go find yourself a treasure and spread the love with their hippie selection, we promise you’ll go out feeling like you’re riding the 70’s wave.

Address: 21 Rue du Temple 75004


"Be Happy, Be Green"
“Be Happy, Be Green”



We hope you enjoy the stores we suggested, just think you could be sporting something that actually inspired one of the trends that are happening now. All you fashionistas know fashion is just a cycle and these pieces are kind of one-of-a-kind. So, now you have a bunch of stores to visit and clash your vintage finds with big labels like Kate Moss, Mary Kate Olsen and Alexa Chung do. You know it doesn’t get any chicer than having some Parisian treasures in your closet, right?

Check out another blog post about the Vintage market ‘Marche aux puces St Ouen”:


By Bárbara Menéndez and Sima Maalouf




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