Valentino: The King of Glamour

"Valentino: the King of Glamour" Talk at Vogue Festival
“Valentino: the King of Glamour” Talk at Vogue Festival

Our favorite event of the Vogue Festival this year was the incredible and heart-warming story “Valentino: the King of Glamour.”

The designer’s personality and humble character could be perceived during his talk. He began by talking about his beginning in fashion at the age of 17. At 19, he studied at the Chambre syndical de la Haute Couture, and worked his way up until he became the first young designer to open a fashion haute couture house at the age of 26. In 1972, he expanded his label with a ready to wear collection.

Although established in his career, Valentino still hand drapes his designs. He does, however, hire seamstresses for the stitching. The designer was delighted to claim that his style is well known for the use of chiffon draped textiles, insisting that he doesn’t have any favorite textile.

When asked how he gets his inspirations, he gave a quirky answer, “If I want to do Chinese, I do Chinese.” Here, the designer refers to his ­carefree and creative process of designing. He does not feel the pressure to design for money, but instead he seeks to express his vision as he imagines it. For the starting point of creating a new collection, he first chooses a theme and brainstorms in many directions, and tries to avoid being stuck in one specific angle.

We learned through his fascinating talk that Valentino’s distinct personality was key in his success. A humble genius, a passionate worker, and a joyful personality, the designer is no doubt a man with a great business vision who has created the Valentino Empire with his own hands.

In his closing words, he advises you to believe, to appreciate what life gives, to be optimistic, and most importantly, to be happy.

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by Kim Pham and Victoria Romero

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