It is time to be honest. Have you ever looked at your friend’s scarf and wished to own it?
Now you can actually get it. No stealing, no fighting, no conflicts. Instead, you can play the “White Elephant Game”, known as one of the most famous present exchange games worldwide.

What do you need?
A group of friends, a gathering and a fashion item that you have at home. This item could be a piece of jewelry, a hair decoration, a pair of leggings, a shirt or anything which has obviously already been used, but which is not broken.

How does it work?
You meet your friends, open a bottle of champagne, exchange items, try them on, fool around and as a result, find new owners to the things.
Do not forget to take pictures to remember your get-together. Just like we did. We, a group of six friends from IFA Paris, tried the
Fantastic Fashion Fun for you.

Check out our images!


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The most liked item was definitely the scarf from Burberry and our lovely Christine from Indonesia was the lucky one to get it. “I’m so happy because it’s interesting, I used to do it in my former office, the game Secret Santa. This is a really beautiful scarf. I will remember my IFA moments every time I see the scarf’ – plus it’s Burberry so I’m super happy.” Tania from India likes her new black & white pair of leggings and Charleen from Germany is happy to get rid of them. “Well, I like them, but I wasn’t wearing them for over a year, so it was pointless. I’m excited to see how they look on Tania.”, she said.

So our conclusion: We love the idea of receiving a cute gift, that reminds us of our friends from IFA. Therefore, it is definitely something you should not wait till Christmas for, instead suggest it to your friends for this very weekend. However, just be fair with yourself and your pals – ugly, old or broken items are not at all appreciated. Otherwise, just have fun and enjoy the “Fantastic Fashion Fun”!

by Tania Sanyal, Napatthiya H, Charleen Horn


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