A Chic French Brunch With The Best Baguette in Paris

Spring has officially arrived in Paris! A stroll along the city will be greeted with the sight of many Parisians having picnics along the rivers and parks. The best part about living in Paris is the French cuisine, and nothing spells Parisian traditions like a fresh baked baguette. We visited the boulangerie Aux Délices du Palais in Paris 14th to bring you a taste of the “best baguette in Paris”.
Front of Aux Délices du Palais
Inside the Aux Délices du Palais
Anthony Teixeira, 24, is the proud winner of The Best Artisan Baguette in Paris for 2014 (Grand Prix de la Meilleure Baguette). This year marks the 20th anniversary of the competition, which was first held in 1994. His family business, Aux Délices du Palais, also won the prize 16 years ago, marking it the first time the same boulangerie has won the prize twice. As the winner of this prestigious prize, Teixeira can deliver his baguettes to the French President at Le Palais de l’Elysée for one year.
The Variety of Baguettes in the Shop
So what makes a good baguette anyways? We had the pleasure to meet Anthony Teixeira and to discover what makes his baguettes the best.


How many years of experience do you have in the art of bakery?
I have been baking for 8 years. Baking has been a part of my family tradition. I started in 2006, and worked with my father for the first two years.

What makes your baguette the winner of the competition?
The winner of the competition must have baguettes between 55-65cm, weighing 250-300g. We were judged as the best based on the appearance, taste, smell, and cooking method.

What do you personally feel, that makes your baguette the best?
I think the best thing about my baguettes is the love and passion that I put into my art of baking.

Anthony Teixeira Proudly Show Off His Award Winning Baguettes

A perfect Sunday brunch could not be completed without the best baguette in Paris. And with this irresistible weather, let’s have a fashionable brunch in the sun. Whether it is in the park, along the Seine or just outside in your private garden, we invite you to join us!

Our Sunday Brunch With the Best Baguette In Paris
Yes, we personally tasted the best baguette in Paris. And for only 1.10 euros, we can vouch that it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


Practical Information
Aux Délices du Palais
60 Boulevard Brune,
75014 Paris, France
Metro Station: Porte de Vanves
Open Monday – Sunday, except Wednesday, 6:15am-8pm


by Kim Pham and Victoria Romero

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