Discovering Le Bazar De Pâques (The Easter Bazar)

Le Bazar De Pâques (The Easter Bazar) is not just another market of designers, is more of a playground. With DJ sets, a room for photo shoots and a lovely lounge, it gathered independent designers from France and Belgium at the L’espace des Arts sans Frontières. Designers from the event create unique and innovative hand made products. Visitors can find everything from locally crafted jewelry, clothing, handbags, and accessories. Mixed and matched vintage, international textiles, and innovative materials were the common theme throughout the event. Stylist Magazine is a great way to find new and interesting events, and thanks to it we discovered this bazar.

Our four favorite brands at the bazar are Bowsdontcry, Julie Menuge, Lysvia Maïz and Annju+Dada. Lets discover each one and find out why they stood out to us among many other designers.

1. Bowsdontcry
Bowsdontcry is a unique brand that sells bows, accessories, and customised vintage clothing that are hand made in Paris. The brand’s aesthetic is an eclectic mix of punk and grunge, blended with a touch of youthful icons and comic references. This was apparent in her designs as we can see motifs of Power Rangers and Pokemon prints.
Prices start from 8€

2. Julie Menuge
Julie Menuge is a fashion and textile designer who creates unique items with a cross-cultural mix, hand crafted in Belgium. She explained to us her brand, emphasizing that each item is hand made with textiles she collected from around the globe.
She also designs unique accessories such as bag mirrors covered with fabrics from India! For only 2€ they are definitely a must have on our list!
And if you are willing to pay a bit more, check out this patchwork mini skirt with textiles from Africa, China, Peru and Pakistan. Price 80€



3. Lysvia Maiz
Natural materials and colours constitute her unique and small limited editions, made by hand in her Parisian showroom.
We had the opportunity to talk with independent artist, Lysvia, about her designs.


The rings are unique because of the natural material,
they all have different shapes, you can try anyone”, she smiled
“I work with semi precious stones,
you can either choose the pins with or with out them.
It all depends on the price”.


We fell in love with these beautiful and delicate pins. Made of metal in bronze colour with natural stones (Crystal Rock and Quartz).
Priced at 53€, however we actually just bought the pin for only 5€!


4. Annju+Dada
Annju‘s graceful and long earrings are the perfect finishing touch for an elegant look. She teamed up with another brand call Dada to create this lovely booth, which we found super innovative.
Dada is a brand that creates hand made bands which are reversible and you can grace them with the accessories she also makes, such as these bows that you can see below. Prices depend on the material.
The event was a great way to meet independent designers and is a treasure trove for vintage lovers. We very much enjoyed shopping and learning from such creative, independent and locally owned fashion brands!


Espace des arts sans frontières
44 rue Bouret
75019 Paris
tel 0142012774


by Kim Pham and Victoria Romero

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