Discover the secrets of Japanese massage in the narrow streets of Saint-Germain-des-Près


Summer is coming soon! Girls are you ready for the sun, beach and bikini? If you are still not that confident with your body and have been dieting in order to look nice and be satisfied with your perfect body shape, why not experience the Japanese massage salon that we discovered and visited in Saint-Germain-des-Près?


We must admit that we were not sure what to expect, we were only eager for a new Parisian experience. To say the least, this was an amazing treatment that will make you relaxed from the hectic metropolitan lifestyle, but at the same time you will sense that you enter the world of Japanese spirits that evokes the feeling of balance between your mind and body.

So this is how it all started… From the first moment you arrive in Assa, the atmosphere is filled with strong notion of the Japanese culture, you feel the peaceful and relaxing energy that makes you want to discover and dive into the Japanese essence even more.



This exquisite salon provides variety of massages with Japanese traditional techniques; the one we experienced and would like to advice you to try is the ‘Detox Massage’. For this specific massage they practice Shiatsu, a traditional Japanese manual therapeutic technique using finger pressure on the entire body. Even the name itself Shiatsu derives from Eastern medicine and in translation means (shi – fingers and atsu – pressure).


After the treatment, you will be greeted with a cup of hot tea served in a Japanese teapot set, which will make you feel relaxed and in total balance with your body.

The practitioners themselves are very friendly and they portray the traditional Japanese manners in the most perfect way.

If you are looking for a beautiful silhouette or restore the balance and flow of vital energy in your body in order to welcome the summer, we strongly recommend you to visit this amazing hidden “petit” Japanese Salon!

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Written by Kristina & Chi

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