NICE – Our Fashionable Trip To The South Of France

One of the best dishes in France, alcohol flavoured ice cream, much better service than in Paris, a luxury bargain buy at a flea market and the sun – there are thousands of reasons why your next trip should be booked to Nice. On a three day trip, we checked this area for you and will show you how to get prepared for Nice in only five steps.

The beautiful beach in Nice
Relaxing in the sun

1. Terse Transportation
Our recommendation is a direct flight from Paris, which is not too expensive and the fastest way to get to Nice. We paid around 100 € for the round-trip with easyJet.

2. Ladylike Luggage
“My baby’s got a suitcase” (Emelie Sandé), but what should we pack? Since the weather gets warmer and warmer (May: around 25°C), do not forget at least a sun block with SPF 20, a pair of huge sunglasses and a fancy pink straw hat. This way it does not matter if your hair is a mess from sleeping on the airplane!

The perfect travel bag and everything that should go in it!

3. Harmonic Hotel
We all know Hotel California (Eagles) and Tokio Hotel, but what about a good hotel in Nice?
We recommend Hôtel de Verdun, in the heart of the city, walking distance to most of the sights and a very friendly staff who organized a shuttle to the airport for us. Another BIG PLUS is the Galérie Lafayette right next to the hotel. Only 108 € per night/per room we used our financial buffer for this stay.

49, Rue de l’Hôtel des Postes
06000 Nice

Hotspots in Nice

Another tip: We bought a bottle of champagne in the duty free shop at Charles de Gaulle airport and saved 70 €, in comparison to the price at the hotel (30 € vs. 100 €).

Galeries Lafayette
Holiday Champagne!

4. Fabulous Food
Do you like typical French cuisine? Then you should definitely not miss the restaurant KOUDOU (28, Promenade des Anglais). We tried delicious duck breast, but also the typical French dish Foie Gras and it was literally THE best dish we have ever tried in France. The jazz-music in the background really puts you into the relaxing holiday mood and the view to the seaside is the cherry on the cake. Simply try to avoid eating there around 9 pm, because it is too busy at that time.

The delicious cuisine!
Yum Yum Yum!

Have you ever had alcohol flavored ice-cream? Different types of ice-cream like “Grand Marnier”, “Irish Coffee” or “Tequila Sunrise” are our recommendation for a perfect dessert at Place Masséna.

Place Masséna
Alcohol Flavoured Ice-Cream

5. Stylish Shopping
Before we bore you with touristic sights, which you can easily find with a click on Wikipedia, we rather talk about our fashion hotspots. Therefore we discovered a fantastic flea market for you. Over 200 sellers gather around the Cours Saleya every Monday from morning till mid-afternoon. From silver, ceramics or paintings to jewellery and vintage clothing, you can find everything that your high-quality shopping heart wishes for.

The Flea Market
Flea Market
Fantastic fur at the flea market

With our shopping heart satisfied and our stomachs filled with delicious food, are we ready to go home? Not at all! We continue to follow the smell of the sea, the sun and the perfume of the high society along the coast and we keep on travelling to Monaco. Is this worth it? How long should you stay in Monaco? How is it in comparison to Nice and what about some other inside advices (shopping- and food related)? Check out our blog on Monday and

Follow our Fabulous Fashion trip! 

By Tania Sanyal, Napatthiya H, Charleen Horn

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