Next Fashion Stop – MONACO!

After our NICE trip which you can check out here… we followed the smell of the sea, the sun and the perfume of the high society along the coast, continued our journey and dropped by at our next fashion destination – MONACO!

Imagine Meryl Streep in an impeccable all white outfit walk out of a Bentley and enter a casino in slow motion….

Yes, Monaco is a city full of wealthy women and men clad in trendy designer wear, popping out of ‘stop in your track’ cars and entering casinos. It is the second smallest country in the whole world, so you can imagine well-dressed people almost everywhere. The Monte Carlo Casino in that aspect displayed a spread of high class people with their array of luxury cars from Bentley to Ferrari to Porsche (you name it and it was there), slot machines with people trying hard at a full jackpot, blackjack and poker tables. It is this prosperous vibe that ultimately gets to you and pokes at that hidden, desperate, rich girl inside of you that always wanted to die of joy in the lap of luxury. For a second, yes, I wanted to be Meryl Streep.


Next part of our outing was mostly spent in admiring the view of Monaco as a city, the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and all its boats and yachts flaunting itself on the bay. How can that view not blow your mind? How can that view not paint a picture in your head where you and your boyfriend sail through the sea on a yacht and enjoy a perfect date? The best place to go would be the one right next to Prince’s Palace, where you can relax and have a chance to flood Instagram with pictures. Trust us, if we lived somewhere, our dream view right out of our windows would be that of the next two images …

Monaco’s top view
View from another side

Last but not the least, the famous Cercle d’Or, in the heart of Monaco is where you can satisfy your cravings for fashion. You can find luxury brands here just like anywhere in France. Since, the casino was a bit out of our reach, we indulged in a few and it felt good because we were in Monaco.

At the end of the trip, although we were very bittersweet, we couldn’t help but compare both the gorgeous French cities, where the sun never stopped shining on us.

Monaco’s lavish movie like lifestyle forces Nice to be a city that is easy on our wallets therefore staying in Nice and then taking a train to Monaco for a day and back is highly advisable, unless you have enough money then splurge away my friend. Our experience taught us, that Monaco hotel rates start from 400 Euros per night.The public transport to different places in and around this small country is very convenient, we were mostly commuting via bus the entire time. So in a nutshell, apart from witnessing a high class lifestyle, meeting friendly strangers along the way who shared our love for the sun and beaches, seeing the highest level of fashion clothing worn and flaunted by people and capturing the magnificent view point that a city can provide, it was a spring vacation with lots of smiles, clicks and tans!

It unquestionably brought out the best of fashion in us. We hated saying goodbye but staying in Paris, ‘Nice and Monaco’ is already on our ‘quick –weekend- vacation- getaway’ list as it should be on yours 😉

By Charleen Horn, Tania Sanyal, Napatthiya H







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