3 Conspicuous Fashion Blogs!

Our team interviewed some interesting fashion bloggers and these are the results they came up with. Check them out!

L’armoire de Lana: www.larmoiredelana.com     

Lana El Sahely is a Lebanese blogger and founder and editor-in-chief of her blog “L’armoire de Lana”. She graduated with a BA in Economics. She focuses mostly on brands, trends and stores that she believes you must absolutely check out. She is the personal stylist of the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram. She also collaborates for photo-shoots.

 “Blogging has taken me on the craziest ride ever. It started by mixing my love for writing and my passion for fashion with my economic skills to make it now run as a company. I think everyone should believe in what they accomplish and in their dreams. Everyone smiled when I started L’armoire de Lana, stating it was a “cute” project, now I’m proud to prove that I can collaborate with the biggest brands, write for awesome publications and style celebrities. Hard work always pays off”.

We love following her blog because we love everything related to beauty and fashion tips that Lana has personally tried.

Les Berlinettes: www.lesberlinettes.com

Amandine Hach is the French blogger of “Les Berlinettes” living in Berlin. Her Blog focuses on fashion styling and news, as well as music. Besides her blog, she works in a travel magazine and collaborates with several brands. For example, she has collaborated with adidas “news for original girls” and with the MTV “weekend guide”, in which she gives advice about where to go out. She has also cooperated with “12 designers”, a marketplace where different kinds of designers and clients can make a connection. This creative project started in Berlin and Barcelona but recently Amandine worked on their expansion with a French website. Her style is a mixture of Parisian-classic and sporty-rock. We came across this blog because she is interested in music interviews, which Amandine does with upcoming artists, and because it connects three different backgrounds: French, German and English as she is a French girl who lives in Berlin and writes in English.


Nini Style: www.ninistyle.net

Nini Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American fashion and lifestyle blogger. She collaborated with brands such as: Armani, Lenovo, etc.  Among others, she had styled Rihanna. She has been featured on Vanity Fair, Neiman Marcus, Armani, Lenovo, and Victoria’s Secret’s PINK. We love Nini’s blog because she has a very unique and eclectic style. She is not afraid to take risks and create new trends.

We interviewed Nini and found out some great things about her life!

Q: How has being named the Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed transformed your career?

A: Being named the Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed was a huge honor and it has provided me with more opportunities working with many different brands.

Q: What would you consider a defining moment that set off your career?

A: I consider the defining moment that set off my career is when I decided to go on my own. This was a huge step for me as I lost the safety net that I always had. Don’t be afraid to take that first step.

Q: As a successful stylist and designer for A-list clients like Rihanna, what’s next? What would be the ultimate goal for your career?

A: My ultimate goal for my career is to have my styling service worldwide, and if time permits a ready-to-wear line would also be the ultimate goal.

Q: As a successful stylist and designer who has built your career from the ground up, what is your advice to young women who aspire to pursue a career in the fashion industry?

A: Be who you are in expressing yourself as you are the only one who is different from others. The only way to differentiate yourself is YOU.  There is always enough of a market that will love you for who you are.

Check out 3 other unique and fascinating blogs coming up soon at paris.shanghai.fashion.com !!

By Nadia Abdel-Malek & Christine Evans

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