After our first part of blogs we love, these following blogs are our favorites as well. Why? If you need an instant update in fashion, you just need to open their sites. If you want to be entertained by witty comments, these ones are the best. If you are craving for beautiful and uncommon pictures, they will satisfy your obsession. Well, well, well. Maybe you have already heard of these sites but we have some inside analysis and more reasons to make you bookmark them or even further, include them to your kindle, google+ and flipboard, so you can get your fashion “breakfast” while consuming your protein shake and hitting the treadmill.


Vogue Pelle Fashion Editorial (2010) inspired by and in collaboration with The Sartorialist
Vogue Pelle Fashion Editorial (2010) inspired by and in collaboration with The Sartorialist

Style by Kling

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She started this blog as a business from day one. Her staple fashion and media background assures the reader to listen and to follow her ideas. On the other hand, she manages to do a conspicuous self-portrait in a chic way, not in fruitless-selfie way. No wonder, she also got recognition by a world well-known fashion network, NowManifest, a platform for ‘fashion-approved’ blogs.

Who: Elin Kling

When: 2007

Story: Elin Kling is an independent and inspiring woman who happens to have been born and is living in the country where computing and technology was used first in the world. All these aspects helped her to create a platform, not just a blog, to share her ideas, inspirations and sell it to the world. It’s not necessarily luxury that she offers, but personality and style for women. “We are a contemporary journal founded with the aim to give the stylish woman within the industry high-fashion inspiration. We are dedicated to bring the reader the effortless style that we love—with only the favourite pieces in mind,” Elin Kling.

Reason to follow: Straight to the point articles that give plausible reasons why to love specific pieces in an “uh-oh! Yes, you are right!” manner. The blog is also extremely well-written and it’s updated daily!


Man Repeller

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The reason why she started this blog was simply to give another perspective in using fashion as identity. Fashion is not about dressing as a weapon to attract men or the opposite sex but rather to ratify style. She is a brainiac in both fashion and story telling. Although her comments to fashion can be a little more criticising than complimentary, it is the way she thinks outside of the typical comfort zone which makes her daring—exactly what we are missing in the current fashion scene.

Who: Leandra Medine

When: 2010

Where: New York

Story: She has been blogging since 2009. She started with a humor blog called Boogers + Bagels. In 2010, she and her friend went to Topshop and were laughing at the collections. The collections were man repelling. “Man Repelling isn’t about getting dressed and saying ‘How am I going to repel a man today?’ It’s about dressing for yourself and liking what you’re wearing,” Leandra Medine. She gives up to date explanations about fashion in a humorous way parallel to the tagline on her blog: “A humorous website to serious fashion.”

Reason to follow: Witty and catchy articles with an out-of-the-fashion way of thinking but still relates to fashion and lifestyle news. Very subtle and sensible content.


The Coveteur

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Enough about narcissism and snobbish attitudes! These girls know how to give fashion enthusiasts information about fashion, beauty, and fashion muses without dictating or telling them what to buy, to wear or who to follow or like. They are far from show off-y branded things or existences in the fashion scenes. In fact, they give a brief explanation about fashion and provide rich information for the ones who are curious about fashion and notorious profiles without exaggerating the topic.

Who: Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark

When: 2011

Where: Toronto, Canada

Story: They were inspired by the Social Network movie and they wanted to give access to the mass for exclusive and luxury content. “Street style was exploding, and we wanted to take the craze to the next level. The logical next step seemed to show how all of the editors and fashion obsessives put together these amazing outfits and really explore their personal style,” Erin & Stephanie.

Reason to follow: Humorous while talking about glamorous, exclusive behind-the-scenes access. A virtual store for fashionistas with up-to-date and consistent content.


By Christine Evans & Nadia Abdel-Malek

Source of Picture: Style by Kling, Manrepeller, The Coveteur.

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