5 Fashionistas. 5 Bags. 5 Stories.

There is only one companion in your life,
who always offers you what you need,
who makes you feel like a real lady,
who won’t be jealous, if you have others.

Right, it is your beloved handbag. Whether it is an awesome accessory or a life-saver, we all need at least one and what could be more interesting than what is actually inside? So, what do fashion enthusiasts carry around all day long?
What are their Must-Haves? What is the sentimental value and the story behind the items?
We asked five IFA fashion students and professionals to open their bags for us and reveal the mystery hidden inside.

Aleksandra Olenska


Fashion Stylist, Creative Consultant, and professor at IFA From Great Britain
What are your three “Must-Haves”?
1. iPhone with my strawberry juicy fruity phone case, because it’s important to have a bit of a bad taste in life, otherwise it becomes oh so boring. So this bling case would be my bit of a bad taste.
2. Red Tom Ford lipstick. It’s the perfect red color for me. This is actually one of the few things I keep buying as soon as it’s over.
3. Some money maybe.

How would you define your style?
I like things which are classical but it is also important to have a bit of fun and who doesn’t like a bit of glitter?

What is the story behind your Chanel bag?
I always wanted a Chanel bag. So when I got my first pay check, I bought one. I still have this Chanel bag today, beautiful soft leather, a limited edition with a dark red lining. This Burgundy color is my favorite color. Plums, Red Wine, and Cherries… What could be better? But the problem was, that the leather was too soft. So for practical reasons I have the other Chanel bag now (see above).
 A peek into her CHANEL bag…

aleksandra1. Miu Miu sunglasses  2. Prada card/document holder  3. hair comb  4. Owl key chain from China  5. Bling USB key from Dubai
6. Mini notebook  7. Black pocket diary  8. Alexandra Business Card  9. Pocket mirror 10. Japanese eye pencil
11. Tom Ford red lipstick  12. iPhone with a strawberry fruity juicy bling case

Angel McQueen


Blogger at Queen A’s Fashion Style, IFA Student pursuing BA Fashion Design & Technology
From Hai Phong, Vietnam
Wishes to be 19

What are your favorite brands?
Givenchy and Alexander McQueen

What is your style?
Mostly I wear black, but sometimes I also like to change to animal prints or to some bright colors. My favorite colors are purple, pink, and gold.

Tell us about your amazing black and shiny handbag?
I change my handbags everyday. This is my first Gucci handbag. I bought it on sale and I really liked it. It is one of my favorite ones because it is also a really big clutch so when I travel I can have the best of both worlds – a big bag and a clutch. A perfect combination!

What are your top “Must-Have” items?
It is a smell spray for the mouth with a mint flavor. I always have it with me and my external storage disc because it contains my life from the last seven years.

What kind of make up do you use?
Well, my whole collection is from Yves Saint Laurent and it comprises of three items: the foundation, the concealer, and sometimes I use powder as well.

We can see the “l’amoureux 6” from D&G in your handbag, what does perfume mean to you?
I have a lot of perfumes, like 30 or 40 different kinds, but this one I like especially for my every day life. Yeah, this one and #3 are my favorite perfumes.

In this GUCCI handbag a whole luxury universe opens up: The collection of cases from Louis Vuitton (1, 2, 6, 16, 17), the almost complete apple collection ranging from the iPhone to iPod, iPad and Mac (2, 3, 18, 19), the black shiny Gucci handbag itself (4), Vogue (5), the make-up-set from Yves Saint Laurent: Concealer (7), foundation (8), powder (14), the D&G perfume “L’amoureux 6” (9), the see-through Chanel lipstick (10), the mint mouth spray from Fluocaril (11), the Goji Berry Lipgloss (12), his keys (13), the black round sunglasses from Miu Miu (15) and his storage disc.

Ratika Thakur
Background in Styling at Elle Magazine Thailand, IFA student pursuing MBA Luxury Brand Management

What is your style?
I love wearing monochrome tones for my clothes like black, white, and grey. Or sometimes I would wear beige, but then I like to mix and match with colorful accessories like jewelry and shoes, creating a contrast. They can be red, yellow, orange, or shiny colors. Sometimes I love wearing my all black and white outfit with my red lipstick.

What are your top “Must-Have” items?
1. Mobile phone. I use my iPhone everyday, especially for all the social media application such as Whatsapp, Instagram, and Line to keep in touch with my family and friends in Thailand.
2. My Wallet. From money to credit card
3. Sun glasses. An item that can complete my look and protect my eyes from sunny days.

Others special items in your bag?
Self designed make-up palette. It’s like a 2-in-1 cosmetic; both brush on and eyes shadow in one palette so I often have it in my bag.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInside Ratika’s Black BALENCIAGA Bag: 1. Thierry Lasry sunglasses sleeve 2. Notebook 3. Olympus camera 4. Ray-ban sunglasses 5. I Phone with Chanel case 6. Prada wallet 7. Self designed 2 in 1 make-up palette 8. Gold Lips key chain

Rudy Tun-Sánchez


Graphic Designer from Guatemala, IFA student pursuing MBA in Global Fashion Media
He is 25 years old.
His favourite colour is green and he loves Jean Paul Gaultier
What is a sentimental fashion item in your bag?
The crafty Guatemalan doll clad in a dress made of Guatemalan colours. It was gifted to me by a friend before coming to Paris and I keep it with me always because this tiny doll is supposed to take your worries away.
When you buy items, what is it that seals the deal for you?
I get attracted to packaging more than the product itself. The way a product is packaged is very important for me. The colours, different patterns, and bright contrasting palettes are mostly the reason why I reach for a product from the shelf and grab it.
As a very colourful, happy, and a shiny person, what would you say
is your most priced possession from your handbag?
That would be the sketchbook that I carry with me everywhere. I have my colour pencil pouch too with me at all times so I can sit and sketch whenever and wherever I like.
Take a look into his ZARA leather handbag:

RUDY-1. Box of chocolates from Marks and Spencers 2. Guatemalan crafty mini doll  3. Pencil case – BEN 4. Wallet – JULES
5. Pocket notebook 6. Spanish to French pocket dictionary 7. Mint from Marks and Spencers
8. Double finger wooden ring from Urban Outfitters 9. Sketchbook 10. Cherry lip balm – Agatha ruiz de la Prada
11. Quetzal currency note from Guatemala 12. Coloured sketch pencils 13. Rainbow shades from Pull & Bear
14. I Phone 5 15. Blue head phones from Urbanears



IFA Student pursuing MBA Global Fashion Media
From Taiwan, 22 years old
What is your style?
Simple color clothes like white, black, navy blue, or brown. I like dark colors for clothes, but for accessories I would go for silver jewelry with a little bit of design.
Any everyday item that you carry with you at all times?
Yes. The Oil control paper – because my face is oily and when I use it I feel more comfortable and its even better when I wear make-up. You can find this product only in Asian countries, I’ve never found one in Paris.
Special items in your bag?
The hair band. This item, given to me by my Japanese ex-boyfriend, is something that I love very much. When I don’t wear it on my hair, I put it as a bracelet on my hand. The second one would be the hand-wash that I bought in London, something that I haven’t found in Paris yet. I use it after I smoke a cigarette or before a meal. It comes with a special smell.
Where did you get this Prada handbag?
I bought it in London last Christmas, during the London Boxing Day. They had the bag in white, black, and brown color. I picked the brown one because the white one can be tough to keep clean at all times. I also have many black bags already.

Discover what’s inside this stunning and classy PRADA handbag: 1. Yves Saint Laurent wallet 2. Hand cream 3. Gucci sunglasses 4. Prada card holder 5. Gatsby oil control paper 6. Iphone5s 7. Hair band 8. Yves Saint Laurent lipstick 9. the mint mouth spray from Fluocaril 10. Carex hand wash gel 11. Perfume 12. Diet pills

By: Tania Sanyal, Napatthiya H. and Charleen Horn

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