Get Inspired by The Spirit of The Oldest Concept Store in The World – 10 Corso Como

During the weekend, we visited one of the top destinations for all ‘fashionistas’ and art lovers in Milan, Italy – 10 Corso Como!

10 Corso Como

Even just by standing in front of the building, we had the feeling of an artistic notion, and as first-time visitors, it made us curious what we’ll discover inside. And there it was, a creative space, original and unique in the design, an open invite for an extraordinary experience that will follow.

10 Corso Como As we entered the building, we noticed a courtyard café on our right hand side. This remarkable café is designed by the American painter and sculptor Kris Ruhs, and it comes as no surprise that it became an essential part of this multifunctional art concept. 

Carla Sozzani

Founded by Carla Sozzani, an Italian gallerist and ex fashion editor of fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle, 10 Corso Como is the first concept store in the World, conceived in 1990 for fashion brands and products. It includes a restaurant, bar, gallery and a tiny three-room hotel in order to give visitors a 360-degree shopping experience.

According to Sozzani, ‘’The principal was to create a home, a place where people feel comfortable to come in and find a little bit of what I like, something we can share – I think it’s a matter of a communication.’’

10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como 10 Corso Como

As we continued our visit, we went up to the first floor and on the left-hand side, we saw an art gallery that has a selection of artists’ work selected during many years from various parts of the World. This is an important part of the concept store as a brand, which is intended to stroll the crossroads between desires and cultures in our lives.

10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como 10 Corso Como

The large bookshop on the first floor as well, is 10 Corso Como’s core business, with a large choice of books dedicated to food, fashion, music, art, design and lifestyle that engage the visitors to interact. The environment is very friendly, you do not feel any pressure; it is definitely a bookshop that welcomes every visitor to sit and read in a cozy afternoon atmosphere.

10 corso como

You will be able to find all the creative and unique brands that pop in your mind in the main concept store, which is strategically located on the ground floor.

Here the ‘vrai connaisseur’ of fashion can find varieties of the 10 Corso Como label products that are signed with the black and white visual signature. The diversity of the products include items from fashion, lifestyle, design, music and cuisine. In addition 10 Corso Como works with other trendy and emerging designers to develop and promote new creative ideas for the brand.

As the brand is growing successfully, it has entered Asian market in the last few years. It was opened in Korea in 2008 and Shanghai in 2013. All these shops have the same coherent concept that delivers the core essence of the unique philosophy to the markets.

There is no doubt that tasting traditional Italian pizza and pasta is a ‘must’ when you are in Milan… So, next time, why don’t you visit 10 Corso Como to experience the union of culture, art, fashion and perhaps stop for a drink or a cappuccino in the café?

Written by Kristina & Chi

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