Converse and Street Art Clashes in Paris

IFA fashion blog received an exclusive VIP treatment at the Converse Space 39 Event! Let us walk you through it.
As part of the project Sneakers Clash, this street art operation was organized by Converse at the Pavillon des Canaux facing the gorgeous Canal de l’Ourcq. The event has been taking place sice 10th May, and has just opened to the public starting June 1st to June 8th.
Converse Marketing the Event In Major Metro Stations
The space was created by two Parisian graffiti artists, Alexöne and Supakitch.
For the exterior wall, the pair got their inspirations from an interesting process where their fans tweeted images at #ClashWall to make request of what they would like to see.
The Exterior of Pavillon des Canaux
They composed an amazing interior space from the colors of the Chuck 70 Converse Sneakers. Visitors can explore four rooms, each one with its own theme and colors, with a unique and creative installation of Converse sneakers. We very much enjoyed the background music that perfectly match the underground atmosphere.


See the four unique rooms below:


We had the opportunity to meet Kris & Erwann from Mobile Vinyl Recorders. The company is owned by two audio engineers from the USA, who  have collaborated with Converse on different events in the past, including the recent Coachella Concert.
Kris & Erwann from Mobile Vinyl Recorders Gifting IFA Fashion Blog A Vinyl Record
They explained to us the secrets of the vinyl making process.  Vinyl records are a great way to produce samples before they are produced in thousands. One fact is that the material used to make vinyls is similar to nailpolish – Kris actually referred to it as “Luxury Nail Polish”. Vinyl records are scratched using a laser, and the leftover material, which is highly flammable, must be stored in a liquid jar.
Kris Exclusively Scratching “IFA Fashion Blog” On Our Vinyl Record
A big thank you to Converse for exclusively gifting IFA Fashion Blog a vinyl record that they produced for us on the spot! Our lovely record is of the song “Stars Are Our Home” from the store Ground Zero Paris.
The space is now free to the public for only one week from now until June 8th. We invite you to hurry and see this Converse Space 39 event before it is over!


Pavillon des Canaux á Paris
39 Quai de Loire, Paris 19
Metro Line 5, Lumiere


by Kim Pham

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