Shangri-La Lounge: The Place to Party Like a Parisian

During the week we are all busy and feeling tired from our work responsibilities, but that should not stop you to de-stress and get relaxed, even on a working day like Wednesday. Paris is a city full of choices! Between countless bars and clubs, it can be challenging to discover the place where real Parisians like to party, and of course to get an inside into its authentic nightlife.



Here we want to introduce you to a fantastic place for the ones who love the strong DJ beats, the taste of unique cocktails and champagne, and are keen on making new friends. It is the chic and beautifully redesigned lounge of the Shangri-La Hotel, located in the luxurious setting close to Place Iena.


The setting is specifically tailor-made for this luxurious hotel, enriched with light projections on the walls and ceilings. Two large rooms are discreetly decorated with bamboos, orchids, and elegant mirror balls that create a special lounge atmosphere, especially on Wednesday nights.


The Shangri-La Lounge is open every day, but only on Wednesdays guests will be welcomed by the sounds of a well-known DJ, a special Belvedere cocktail, and friendly atmosphere of beautiful people who came to relax and party at the same time.



We all work hard during the weekdays, and sometimes there is no doubt that we might feel a bit moody and stress from our work / studies in Paris. So, why not treat yourself to a little sweet evening and feel the vibes of a real Parisian setting on Wednesday night at the Shangri-La Hotel Lounge?

Check out more info about Shangri-La Bar:


Written by Kristina, Air, and Chi

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