Fashion, arts and music for summer!

When you think of all these words together you might say, been there, done that. But wait a minute…it all suddenly changes if one locates all of these activities in the heart of Paris inside the newly renovated Carreau du Temple. This is what Take me out and T Mode just did during this past weekend, for the 19th edition of SKATE ME OUT, a city festival that gathers designers, artists and musicians in order to give their visitors a creative ride.

Street view Le Carreau du Temple
Street view Le Carreau du Temple

What did we see at the weekend’s event? Over 120 designers showcasing jewelry, clothing and accessories, a skate ramp with kids flaunting how fearless they are, a tattoo pop up stand, a draw it yourself wall, DJ’s, skateboards, skateboards and more skateboards and finally a man walking around in jeans and a gold glittery skimpy bra…wow! Some would say too much… we would say just right. The spacious and airy XIXth industrial building displayed the Skate Me Out exhibition effortlessly. Skate culture is huge in Paris and the event proved this point perfectly. This edition highlighted the culture of skating and the fashion that comes directly alongside it.

However, don’t freak out if you missed the Skate me out event…there is plenty more to be taken in this summer within the beautiful Carreau du Temple.

Here are some of our recommendations that are coming up soon:

Exposition École Duperré
When? 18 -22 June
What? For five day the students of the prestigious École Duperré art school, located just a step away from the Carreau du Temple, will present their final end of year works to the public. The pupils will showcase fashion design, graphics, textiles, ceramics and much more. Get down to discover the talents of the future!

Fête de la Musique
When? Saturday June 21
What? During the summer solstice, what a better way to celebrate the longest daylight of the year than with free music everywhere. That’s right, ever since it’s launching in 1982, this music festival has stayed true to it’s moto “Faites de la musique, fête de la musique” which literally means “make music, celebrate music”, therefore, events all over Paris will be taking place this weekend to celebrate it. The Carreau du Temple isn’t the exception, proposing a big open stage from 3.00pm to 9.00pm for those who feel the need to express themselves through music, all you need to do is sign up here.

Morning Gloryville Paris
When? 9 July 6.30 – 10.30am
What? Rave, rave, rave! And do it first thing to get your body pumped up for the day! Roll out of bed and into the Carreau du Temple for an early morning boost and boogie. Listen to DJ’s or awaken alongside artistic talents what better way to start your day! This event is open to adults, kids, seniors and youths, no age limit whatsoever so really there’s no excuse!

Le Carreau du Temple
4 rue Eugène Spuller Paris 3eme
Metro Temple/ République

For more information on Le Carreau du Temple activities make sure to visite their website.

By Joanna & Rudy

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