One Hour, One Man, One Show


“How to become Parisian in one hour”?

  • If people are talking too loud in the metro, make sure to roll your eyes.
  • While shopping, do not even dare to ask for the salesperson’s help.
  • And when searching for an apartment, do not expect to find one bigger than 10m2.

Totally exaggerated and full of humor, Olivier Giraud presents the supposedly typical behavior of Parisian people in his theater play “How to become Parisian in one hour”. In this one-man-show he is not only explaining how people in the French capital dance, eat, call a taxi, take the metro, or go out at night, but he is also teaching the spectators how to shop in the world’s fashion capital and what the real Parisian style looks like.

Living in Paris, we wanted to visit and find out more about the REAL Parisian way. The crowd of spectators hold the impressive amount of over 30 different nationalities, ranging from Colombia, China, The United States, Australia, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, and Sweden.

Once the curtains dropped, Giraud guided us through one day spent in Paris. Starting with the way one should present himself. He made sure we understood to never put too many colors in a REAL Parisian outfit nor too many words in a conversation. He then warned us about the rude waiters, the bouncers who would only let in Parisian ‘flirty’ girls, and of course taught how to dance the ‘Paris style’. What makes his show extremely amusing, is the comparison with other countries as well. His marathon of multicultural gags, includes the way Americans eat caviar and lobster with ketchup and who would like to visit Paris, because they love Germany. But who is this man? Who is this person who can make the whole crowd laugh to tears without hurting anyone’s feelings?


Olivier Giraud is actually a chef with a diploma of culinary arts from Paris. After receiving his diploma, he moved to the United States and joined a sommelier contest, which he won! His reward was a 6-year visa that allowed him to become a restaurant manager for five years in a 5-stars hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. With the inspiration of the differences in American and French culture, he then came back to Paris to pursue his childhood dream – becoming a comedian! But this was not an easy task. Writing his latest show “How to Become Parisian in an Hour” in English, French production companies did not want to support him. That is the reason why he decided to found his own production company, called “French Arrogance Prod”. The title says it all! After launching this famous play, the New York Times gave him a push by dedicating an article to his comedy and in July 2010 the ‘Théâtre des Nouveautés” finally opened its doors to host this show. Four years later, Giraud celebrates already his 700th show. So far over 250 000 spectators bubbled over with laughter and he is still counting more people. Maybe you are the next one? The show is still showcasing until July 2015, so make sure not to miss it.

Last but not least a tip in terms of money: We booked our tickets for half the price on

Written by Sima Maalouf and Charleen Horn

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