Summer Combos For Every Personality Type!

Who here misses the winter and the cold wet rainy days in Paris? For those of you who don’t, stop wasting your time inside your blankets at home and get out. So many things are going on in Paris during this sunny season (apart from the sudden cold showers) and to make your life easier, we came up with 4 summer combos that are designed specifically for different personality types. Get ready, heliophilics!


Let’s get LOUD – for the music maniacs!

Festival's Crowd
Festival’s Crowd

Stay submerged in music all day. Meet people who love the same thing as you. Can you think of anything better to do for 24 hours? For those of you who have moves like Jagger, Timberlake or Chris Brown and a pure love for music this summer, Paris hosts some of the most popular music festivals

Festival 1

Hip Hop Dance on The Street
Hip Hop Dance on The Street

WhatFestival Paris Hip Hop 2014 (A 15 day event)

When: 22nd June – 6th July 2014

Where: Parc de la Villette

Why: If you want to witness various hip hop enthusiasts, artists from all around the world under one roof, here is where you must go. A fortnight guaranteed with the biggest hip hop culture, street style and loud beats you have ever seen. There are not only artist concerts but also choreography classes, street dances, open air block parties, graffiti arts etc. If this is not enough, American artists like NAS, M.I.A, Mobb Deep are going to take on the stage as well.

How: Just make sure you wear crop tops, shorts or boyfriend jeans and sneakers! We also recommend:

The Peacock Society
The Peacock Society

Festival 2

When strangers come together : for those who love art, savoir fair, dance floors, surprise parties, night markets, food trucks, pop up blinds, outdoor games and many more!

What: The Peacock Society

When: 11th – 12th July 2014

Where: Parc Floral de Paris

Rock en Seine
Rock en Seine

Festival 3

Its a rock concert. Its for all the headbangers and the beer fans. Its over a period of three days. Crazy artist line up. Lana Del Ray is coming. It’s going to be loud and Its going to be crowded. Book your tickets now.

WhatRock en Seine

When: 22nd – 24th August 2014

Where: Parc de Saint-Cloud


Throw it in the bag – for the shopaholics and the big spenders!

Paris Summer Sale
Paris Summer Sale

Whatever happens in your bank account, there will always be some spare cash left for shopping. The famous Paris’ Summer Sale Madness is here just like your month-end/beginning paychecks. Here are some of the tricks we picked up from previous experiences. Follow this trail to enjoy our special combo of splurge and relax!

What: Summer Sale

When: 25th of June – 29th of July 2014

Where: Everywhere! Up to 80%!

How: Go to Galleries Lafayette, Printemps, Bon Marché and Colette to save more time and wander around multi brands in one place. Normally, they have bigger discounts than single brand boutiques. Check their websites and make your wishlist before you dive in to the “sea of sale-hunters.” Some boutiques even start their price reduction before the D-day, Log on to online retailers, like and if you can’t be bothered to go outside and compete with others, but make sure you have a fast internet connection and subscribed to their sites to make it easier and quicker to shop. Visit some shops that are not touristy, like Galerie Vivienne, Passage Choiseul or Galerie Valois to avoid the crowd.

Chic Manicure
Chic Manicure

After Shopping –

What: Aftermath Spa and Manicure!

Where: Nailsparis, 56 Avenue Mozart, 75116

Why: Pamper yourselves to an authentic Thai massage and manicure after the ‘sale war’ as we call it in the chic 16th district. You can book it for private treatment from 19:30 until 22:00.


Live like it’s your last day – for the outdoorsy people who love to stay out of home!

Paris Plage
Paris Plage

Show off your skin and get showered by the sun right next to the mighty Seine! Paris is famous for it’s Paris Plage, but don’t forget, you could get more fun and extend the party at its hidden bars. Follow this trail to maximize the hype, dear party animal.

What: Paris Plage

When: 20th of July – 20th August 2014 from 8:00 am until midnight

Where: From Louvre to Pont Sully, Port La Gare and Bassin de la Villette

Why: If you have a great summer body, why not show it off with a bikini? Or if you still don’t have one, that’s fine too. Who said you can’t enjoy the view of beautiful bodies spread out on the sand accompanied by a nice summer cocktail. That’s right, no one.

How: Bring enough cash for safety and a water proof bag to avoid the pickpockets

Tips: Go to La REcyclerie or Point FMR to get an alternative summer tanning experience exclusively with the hipsters of Paris.

The hidden bar
The hidden bar

After Sun tanning –

What: Cool Hidden Bar

When: Anytime, but don’t go before 10pm

Where: Le Ballroom (75001), Prescription Cocktail Club (75006) or L’Experimental Cocktail Club (75002)

Why: It’s hidden, good music and beautiful crowds of people!

How: Dress up and use your charm while greeting the bouncer. Don’t try to find the name of the bar (it’s unwritten) but follow your gut to find it.

Tips: Go to Comptoir Generale  and La REcylerie to meet the youngsters wearing trendy outfits, but also be ready for the queue outside.


ArtyFarty – for the art & food critics out there!

Chic Brunch
Chic Brunch

How does a late sit down chatty brunch with your best friends sound followed by an inspirational exhibition? On a weekend? Our fourth combo is for all of you who like to stay away from the fast young loud crowds of Paris, who love to have deep conversations over food, enjoy different cuisines and loves culture.

What: Brunch

When: Weekends

Where: Casa Lola 12, rue Francoeur, 75018 Paris, France (Montmartre)

Why: Because it will cost you under 20 euros and it leaves you happy and satisfied! Even if you wake up late because of a crazy previous night dont worry its open till 4 pm. Its contemporary style of food and a sweet and savoury brunch menu that caters to both of senses. Did I mention, brilliant friendly service?

After brunch –

What: Dries Van Noten Inspirations

When: 1st March 2014 – 2nd November 2014

Where: Musee Les Arts Décoratifs

Why: Well, we’ve told you why on our special article about it. This Belgian designer takes you through a journey and all we can say is the creations and beauty in that exhibition is beyond anything you might have seen in a long time. Wouldn’t you also want to walk off everything you just stuffed yourself with at the brunch place?

How: It is the weekend so all you need is a comfortable summer dress, a debit card, a camera and a picnic blanket to do a little picnic at Jardin des Tuileries. You can end the day with a calm dinner overlooking the beautiful Eiffel tower! We really hope we made it a little easy for you with our combos. Hope your summer is filled with a lot of fun and you get to take advantage of living in the most beautiful place on Earth (in our opinion).

Christine Evans & Tania Sanyal

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